Faces of Entrepreneurship: Annie Stoll and Craig Stoll

"Before we met each other, both of us, separately, at young ages, had fallen in love with the restaurant business. Craig was on his path towards becoming a chef while I was on my path to become a manager. We both had gone to school to do just that. I knew I wanted to do it, so I moved to San Francisco to continue learning and start my business - but knew I couldn’t do it without a Chef Partner. Craig also moved to San Francisco and wanted to start a restaurant – but knew he couldn’t do it without a Front of House Manager/Partner. On our first date, all we talked about were restaurants. On our second date, we fantasized about the restaurant we’d open together."-- Annie Stoll

Annie Stoll and Craig Stoll, owners of Delfina Restaurant Group -- Delfina, Pizzeria Delfina, and Locanda.

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