Facebook To Develop AR Glasses, Virtual World Map

(RTTNews) - Tech giant Facebook Inc. (FB) announced that it is developing augmented reality glasses, which will be ready in few years. The company also announced a project called "Live Maps" that will build a 3D virtual map of the world.

At the Oculus Connect developer conference, Facebook augmented and virtual reality head Andrew Bosworth said the company had "a few" prototypes of AR glasses ready, but it will take few more years before it reaches customers. He did not reveal any further details about them.

"We're very much focused on how can this machine be used to connect with other humans, whereas a lot of other companies are much more focused on just what the machine itself is," Bosworth told CNBC.

Explaining about Live Maps, Facebook said it will produce "multi-layer representations of the world" using crowdsourced data, traditional maps, and footage captured through phones and augmented reality glasses. A video shown at the conference showed potential uses of the AR glasses, like getting notifications projected in thin air, identifying objects with labels, or even projecting a holographic avatar to hang out with real people.

"As long as people are exploring this technology, we probably all benefit from it," Bosworth said. "Getting consumers used to having these types of devices in their lives and building some expectations around how to manage privacy and how to manage data use on these devices, that's all going to help the entire industry."

CNBC had last week reported that that Facebook is teaming up with Ray-Ban maker Luxottica to develop AR smart glasses, which would be ready between 2023 and 2025.

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