Exclusive Interviews: Nasdaq Shares Revitalize Agenda with IR Magazine and TD Ameritrade’s "Morning Trade Live"

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Nasdaq’s Jameel Johnson, Associate Vice President, Government Relations, appeared on TD Ameritrade’s “Morning Trade Live” on June 19. Johnson spoke with host Oliver Renick about Nasdaq’s initiative to revitalize the U.S. equities markets. They discussed the importance of a healthy IPO market for individual investors and a healthy economy, how eliminating unnecessary and duplicative reporting requirements can help encourage smaller companies to seek an IPO and improve access to the IPO market, and how increased transparency in trading for short selling will help discourage manipulative trading while helping companies and investors. View more of Nasdaq’s progress toward revitalizing the U.S. capital markets here.

Watch the “Morning Trade Live” interview here.

On the heels of Johnson’s interview, IR Magazine caught up with Randall Hopkins, Vice president and Head of Capital Market Reform and Innovation at Nasdaq during the NIRI national conference to discuss our advocacy efforts in Washington, DC. Hopkins highlights how receptive the SEC’s leadership has been around the dialogue to revitalize the capital markets and the importance of a joint approach between industry voices like Nasdaq and NIRI. Watch as Hopkin’s shares Nasdaq’s vision to make the public markets more attractive to companies here.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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