Exclusive Interview with DONG Energy CEO Henrik Poulsen

What kind of company is DONG Energy?

DONG Energy is a world leader in offshore wind and one of the fastest growing energy groups in Europe.

Our activities are primarily located in North-West Europe, and we are building a clean energy company with a renewables portfolio based on offshore wind, bioenergy and efficient energy solutions. We aim to create value for our customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate. Our strategy focuses on identifying and growing areas of activity where we have key competences and value propositions differentiating us from our competitors.

What is your strategy going forward?

We aim to build a bridge from fossil fuels to an increasingly decarbonized future and further reinforce our position as a global leader in offshore wind. Our strongest and most differentiated competitive positions are within offshore wind power, and we have a robust and highly visible build-out plan, which will deliver strong and profitable growth in the coming years. Based on our current plans, in the period from 2016 to 2020, we expect to allocate approximately 80% of our gross investments to Wind Power, 10-15% to our Danish utility - biomass firing, new bioenergy technologies and investments in power distribution - and 5-10% to Oil & Gas.

Why is DONG Energy listing?

The IPO of DONG Energy is the natural continuation of the past 10 years' intention and political understanding that DONG Energy should become a listed company. The IPO will give the current shareholders access to trade their shares on the stock exchange, thus giving them the opportunity to adjust their respective ownership interests in accordance with their investment strategy. The IPO will also create an opportunity for new investors to invest in DONG Energy shares, raise the company's international profile and give DONG Energy access to the capital markets.

Why Nasdaq?

Nasdaq offers an unrivaled reach into both local and global investor focus. Local retail involvement, which is strong at Nasdaq Copenhagen, provides Danish visibility for employees and the general public, and secures our Danish DNA. At the same time, the Nasdaq name rings a bell with investors all over the world and gives our share top shelf placement on the main street of today’s global capital markets.

Henrik Poulsen

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