EXCLUSIVE: From NBA Star To Sports Business Mentor, Baron Davis Shares His Journey

Former NBA star Baron Davis has emerged as a significant voice in financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Hosted by Benzinga CEO Jason Raznick in the latest Raz Report, Davis shared his journey and insights, providing valuable lessons for anyone interested in intelligent investing and economic empowerment.

Davis’s career evolution is a narrative of ambition and versatility. After leaving an indelible mark in the NBA, he embarked on a new venture with B.I.G. (Business Inside The Game).

Reflecting on this transition, Davis shared, “It gave me a real opportunity to learn the business of basketball, the business of sports.”

This shift highlights the potential within athletes to leverage their sports experience into successful business endeavors.

The Mission, Vision Behind B.I.G.

B.I.G. is more than just a business; it’s a platform that aligns entertainment, sports, technology, and business.

“We’re growing the brand,” Davis said, adding that “people have an opportunity to come to our events.” 

His venture is driven by a desire to educate and empower, bridging gaps and creating opportunities in the overlapping worlds of sports and business.

“What you bring to a basketball team is the same thing that you can bring to a fintech company,” David explained.

Davis said that the business is raising $5 million and is ready to unveil an app. He mentioned that if he could advise his younger self, he would suggest investing more in real estate.

Financial Literacy’s Critical Role: For Davis, financial literacy is paramount. He emphasizes its importance in understanding the business side of sports as a vital tool for success, a philosophy just as relevant in the world of investing.

Raznick concurred, highlighting the disparity in financial education as a form of social inequality. He observed that there’s an abundance of credit card promotions, yet a lack of financial literacy education.

On his motivations, Raznick explains, “I wanted to give people the opportunity to achieve what they didn’t think they could achieve or what they thought they could achieve.”

Davis cited former North Carolina State Sen. Marshall Rauch as a mentor. Rauch played a significant role in his life, by teaching him valuable lessons about saving, family office, and investing.

A significant aspect of Davis’ mission is to empower the younger generation. He believes in equipping them with the tools and knowledge to succeed in various fields, including sports and finance. This focus on youth empowerment is crucial in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape.

Resilience Is Key: Davis’s story is also one of resilience. He compares his journey to a game, noting the need to play through injuries and challenges. This resilience, nurtured on the basketball court, is crucial in the financial world, where adaptability and perseverance are key to navigating market volatility.

Watch the full interview below.

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