Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith Back in Jail in the US

Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith is accused of violating U.S. sanctions law.

Prominent Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith has been remanded in custody, Inner City Press, a public interest organization that’s known for investigating the banking industry, reported Wednesday.

  • The developer was previously charged for violating U.S. sanctions law in North Korea by assisting the Communist country in circumventing sanctions through the use of crypto.
  • U.S. prosecutors have been arguing Griffith should be returned to jail after violating his bail conditions earlier this month.
  • It is unclear whether Griffith is being remanded based on his violation of bail conditions or something else.
  • CoinDesk attempted to contact Griffith’s lawyer, but has yet to receive a reply.
  • Jason Gottlieb of Morrison Cohen LLP, a lawyer not representing Griffith, previously said “it is insane to remand someone to custody for this purported bail violation. The prosecutors are being incredibly heavy-handed and punitive.”

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