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Equity Market Insight from Nasdaq MID - February 13, 2017

Monday, February 13, 2017, 12:31 PM, EST

  • NASDAQ Composite +0.5% Dow +0.64% S&P 500 +0.43% Russell 2000 +0.42%
  • NASDAQ Advancers: 1322 / Decliners: 896
  • Today’s Volume (100day avg): +7%

All major indices are trading all-time highs, and the Russell 2000 seems to be breaking out from its recent tight trading range. Bank stocks (KBW Index +1.4%, and KRE Index +1.5%) are leading the markets higher this morning ahead of the Trump’s pro-growth plan, which is expected this week. Treasury yields (10 year yield +1.48%) are advancing for the 3 consecutive day, attempting to gain some traction off its support (2.30).

  • On the M&A front, Allergan announced it will be acquire Zeltiq Aesthetics for ~$2.5 billion to improve their cosmetic surgery business. Analysts are expecting to see a flurry of large deals this year as the Trump’s administration looks to lighten regulations for US companies which may make it easier for consolidation.
  • According to a Fed survey, the expected U.S. consumer inflation (+2.9) for the next 3 years has climbed to its highest level since mid-2015. The Trump plan is still in the speculative stage, but there’s belief amongst the policy makers that we’ll see increasing inflation, which would support interest rate hikes this year. Janet Yellen will testify in D.C. this week in front of the Senate and House and she’ll likely reiterate the central bank’s commitment to gradual hikes this year. The chairwoman might be forced to voice her opinion on the new administration’s possible policies and how they may benefit the economy.
  • Amazon is advancing this morning (+1.9%) after unconfirmed reports the company will be developing a paid-for channel to possible compete with HBO and Showtime.

Technical Take:

After 6-7 weeks of mostly sideways price action for equity indices, animal spirits returned last week with the major averages all breaking out to new 52-week and all-time highs. The small cap Russell 2000 squeaked out its new closing high by less than a point vs. the prior high made eight weeks ago on December 9th, and today it is seeing healthy upside follow-through. Some are accrediting the markets newfound strength to a number of Trump-related actions including: details for the new corporate tax plan are expected to be released in a few weeks’ time, Trump’s phone call w China’s Xi where he acknowledged the one-China policy, and Friday’s meeting w Japan’s Abe where trump largely left alone the topic of currency manipulation. In addition Fed Governor Tarullo, a noted dove, indicated his plans to resign in Q2’16. With two open seats already, and the Chair and vice-Chairman’s seats due to open up in early and mid-2017, Trump can shape the future of the Federal Reserve through appointment. Along with a potentially more hawkish Fed, the current expectation for an easing regulatory environment becomes more and more a reality. Although the bottom line benefits to corporate earnings remain a future event, equities are not standing by. The small cap Russell 2000, which is widely viewed as a barometer of risk sentiment, is now breaking out from elevated trading ranges following a robust Q4 and FY 2016.

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