Energy Roundup: How is the Market Pricing in Geopolitical Risk?

Iran Sanctions and Oil Prices

What do Iran sanctions mean for oil prices, how do EU companies react and what’s the new risk premium? Nasdaq’s Senior Energy Analyst, Tamar Essner sits down with Bloomberg to discuss how the markets are pricing in the current OPEC reaction and how the geopolitical landscape is influencing demand around the world. Watch the Bloomberg interview here.

$70 Oil and the Geopolitical Premium

What does $70 oil encompass? Tamar highlights the implications surrounding the Iran deal exit and how the fundamentals have largely helped increase the price of oil to create a geopolitical premium. Watch the CNBC Squawk Box interview here.

The Bullish Reaction to the Iran Nuclear Decision

Tamar joins TD Ameritrade’s Oliver Renick to share insight around the bullish reaction to the Iran nuclear decision, how investors are pricing in risk, and how companies are cooperating with sanctions. Watch the interview here.

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