Dow's Four-Day Run Ends as Stocks Dip Again

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The NASDAQ dropped by more than 1% for a second straight session on Thursday, as money continued to flow out of tech despite better-than-expected jobless numbers and the promise of near zero rates for years to come. 

Sometimes the market needs a day to digest Fed news, even if they take rate hikes off the table until 2023 at least. Stocks dipped on Wednesday despite the news, but there was a chance they could bounce back in the following session.

But they didn't.

Instead, the NASDAQ dipped another 1.27% (or around 140 points) to 10,910.28. That marks a two-day decline of approximately 2.5% as all of the FAANGs were down by more than 1% for a second consecutive day.

The S&P was off 0.84% to 3357.01, while the Dow snapped its four-day winning run with a decline of 0.47% (or about 130 points) to 27,901.98.

The market had been dealing remarkably well with the lack of more coronavirus relief, but Chair Jerome Powell's comments yesterday seemed to remind investors just how much of a void this lack of compromise has left.

He let it be known that the economy's best chance to stay vibrant during this pandemic was for action from both the Fed and Congress... though only one has come through so far.

Meanwhile, jobless claims last week came in at a very high 860,000, but it was better than expectations and the previous week. More importantly, it marked the third straight week under 1 million, which has become a rather important statistic during this pandemic.

So the week started off with two days of solid gains and then was followed by a couple sessions of losses. Now the indices head into Friday with modest gains for these four days as they attempt to break two straight weeks of losses.

Let's see what happens.

Today's Portfolio Highlights:

Insider Trader: Shares of Public Storage (PSA) have recovered from the coronavirus selloff and are now up 4% year-to-date. This self-storage facility operator also has a dividend that currently yields 3.6%. However, Tracey was most impressed that two directors -- who rarely ever buy -- suddenly picked up shares in the past couple of weeks. And they're making these moves while momentum is on the rise for PSA with shares up more than 10% in the past month. Why are they buying now? It could be an indication that these insiders feel pretty good about their company thriving amid and after this pandemic. The editor added PSA on Thursday with an 8% allocation, which is the remaining cash in the portfolio. Read the full write-up for a lot more on this new addition.

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Blockchain Innovators: IT consulting firm Virtusa (VRTU) was recently bought out for about $2 billion, sending shares higher by 67.4% since inception less than four months ago. Dave decided to take this 'victory lap' -- and that profit -- by exiting the stock on Thursday. The new buy is Iteris (ITI), a Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) aggregator of traffic data. Municipalities have been hiring the company to help them optimize the flow of traffic and enhance safety. However, Dave thinks that ITI has bigger plans for its blockchain technology moving forward and will build on this subscription revenue model. The autonomous driving industry could be a possibility, since it already utilizes blockchain. Read the full write up for more on today's moves.

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