DoorDash Will Drop Off Your Packages to the Post Office and Other Carriers for $5 or Less

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Most of us can agree that food delivery app services improve our lives. Some days it's more convenient to get delivery than to pick up an order yourself. But did you know that DoorDash can do more than satisfy your late-night pizza cravings? The company now offers package pickup services for an affordable fee. This new offering could help you save time and reduce your list of errands to run. Find out more about this exciting news.

Introducing Package Pickup

At the beginning of 2023, DoorDash launched a new package pickup service. The brand hopes this service will offer more convenience to busy consumers. After all, with the popularity of online shopping, frequent trips to the post office and other carriers can be time-consuming. Now, DoorDash can run some of your errands for you.

Here's how it works: A Dasher will pick up your packages for you and deliver them to a USPS, UPS, or FedEx store. Customers can get up to five packages picked up in one order -- as long as they're being delivered to the same carrier.

Here's how much it costs: This service costs $5 for regular DoorDash users or $3 for DashPass members.

How to use this new service to save time

Are you interested in giving this package pickup service a try? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Select the Packages hub at the top of the DoorDash app and choose a carrier.
  2. Get your packages ready -- pack up your items and attach a printed prepaid shipping label or plan to send the shipping QR code directly to your Dasher.
  3. Request a package pickup through DoorDash to get paired up with a Dasher.
  4. Your Dasher will send a confirmation photo after delivering your package.

Note: Each package must be under 30 pounds and worth less than $500.

This unique service can make your hectic life less stressful -- and the best part is it doesn't cost a lot, so you can continue to honor your personal finance goals. If you're already using DoorDash for your food delivery needs, you may want to take advantage of this new package pickup service to make your life even easier.

Don't forget to put your credit card perks to use

Some credit card users can score a free DashPass membership for $0 for a limited time. Many credit cards include delivery app benefits as a card perk. If you have the right card in your wallet, you can try this service for free. DashPass can help you save money on delivery and service fees and make it cheaper to get your packages picked up. Check to see if any of your rewards credit cards offer this perk so you can get more from DoorDash.

Convenience can be well worth the cost

It's always important to consider your current financial situation before spending money on extra services like this. But sometimes convenience is well worth the additional expense. If you have a jam-packed schedule and want to reduce your trips to the post office, you may want to consider using services like this so you can spend more time doing what you love.

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