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Does Anyone Really Want to go to Another Zoom Meeting?

We’re almost eight months into a viral pandemic that has turned our world upside down. Mandated social isolation brought businesses to a halt. Many sales and marketing meetings and events became obsolete overnight.

Gradually people discovered video conferencing and some businesses were able to get the wheels turning again. Suddenly everyone had a Zoom account and learned about muting, camera angles, and all the fine points of video calls.

Now, we’re starting to hear about internet exhaustion. “I can’t do one more Zoom call!” is frequently heard by sales people trying to conduct business.

Enter Doug Brown of Business Success Factors and one of the most highly acclaimed sales revenue growth experts and business consultants. Doug recently appeared on our podcast, Changing the Rules, and shared some interesting and surprising ideas. In fact, he shared that many years ago when he worked for a large company, all their sales were conducted by phone. They never met their customers in-person. Doug Brown offers original and creative ideas on getting the attention of your potential customer. CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast.

Today, with in-person meetings curtailed, we have to be creative in getting the attention of our customers. It’s all about relationships. Studies show it takes multiple contacts and creative contacts to build the rapport that creates the sale. There are statistics that indicate it can take up to eight “touches” to get an initial conversation started. Then you have to make your pitch, and ultimately close the sale.

It is often easy to rely on digital-age tools because it can be cheaper and more timely to reach a larger pool of prospects. But remember, people buy from people most of the time.

“Open-ended questions (rather than buttons on a web form) will accelerate this qualification process. What problem is the prospect trying to solve? Where does it hurt? What is going on in their world that triggered the need? What would be their perfect solution if they could describe it? Are they collecting information for a team? What’s their timeline they are working with? What information would you need from us to be considered as your solution? Great phone/social skills are a huge plus here.”

In my later years as a financial planner, some of the wholesalers who called on me started to recognize the advantage of bringing value in the form of interesting client meetings that weren’t sales pitches. They would sponsor an event that would be unique and entertaining for my clients. This value-added approach enabled me to bring a group of clients together as a means of keeping-in-touch while at the same time the mention of the sponsoring company was of value to the wholesaler. It was a win-win.

In the end, it is all about the relationships. But you can’t create the relationship if you can’t get the client’s or customer’s attention. If your customers know that you present interesting and entertaining meetings, they will be more likely to respond positively to your invitations.

Consider a Zoom meeting we had a couple of months ago. In addition to a dynamic main speaker, we closed the meeting with an award-winning mixologist who created three special cocktails for our group. He was a great on-screen presence and closing on that high note was a winner. Feedback was enormously positive from those in attendance.

So entertain as well as inform. Your clients and customers will appreciate it -- and they might even come to your next Zoom meeting.

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