Dividends: The Original Smart Beta

The growth of smart-beta investing has translated into tremendous growth for both the index and ETF segments of the financial community. While we are not here to debate or dissect the basis of smart-beta strategies, the collective investment norm of smart beta has been established—factors and various other fundamental metrics are used to tilt, alter and skew a benchmark to generate a slightly different risk/return profile. Nasdaq, alongside other index providers, has jumped on the smart-beta wave in exploring the various technical and fundamental metrics used to create these enhanced strategies. In light of this, it is worth revisiting one of the simpler facets of smart beta: dividends.

Dividend As A Performance Driver

Dividend-focused indexes have demonstrated out-performance versus broad market benchmarks. While there are many different strategies to access the dividend market, the focus for this piece will be on the Nasdaq Dividend AchieversTM methodology.

The Dividend Achievers methodology screens out a broad index of companies that have increased dividends for a minimum of 10 consecutive years. This relatively uncomplicated methodology results in outperformance while still maintaining high degrees of correlation and beta to the broad market. We believe this to be one of the main tenets of deploying a strategy as smart beta—making sure there is market beta in the first place. Read the full article, published in Forbes here.

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John Jacobs

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