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Digitizing the Board: How to Drive Adoption

Digitizing the Board: How to Drive Adoption

Paperless board technology offers a string of benefits for board members, from increased productivity to enhanced communication and streamlined administrative processes. The key to truly making the most of a board portal, however, lies in those who use it. If board members understand the intricacies of the technology and readily implement best practices, efficiency levels will rise. Follow these guidelines to make adoption simple, intuitive and practical.

Keep it familiar. Across industries, iPads rank as the preferred device for board members. Technology that’s accessible via an iPad app makes it easy for board members to work from anywhere and access company documents, meeting agendas and board-related information. Board members can be provided with an iPad if they don’t have one or need an upgrade.

Include training as needed. While most board members have had some experience with board portals, the specific steps required to use the software at your organization may be different from what they’ve seen in the past. If board members haven’t used the software previously, provide a training session to demonstrate the steps involved and ensure someone is available to answer any questions or provide helpful tips and best practices after initial training is completed.

Make it part of the onboarding process. Orientation materials can be distributed to new directors through the portal. This setup provides directors with key information about the company. It also gives them a chance to use the technology and see how it works.

Use the technology to connect. Explain to board members that the software creates a secure space for communication. All emails between the company and the directors can be sent through the platform. As board members interact with others, they will form habits to continue using the software in the future.

Once board members learn how to use board portal technology in their day-to-day lives, companies can realize a number of benefits. Learn how a digitized board can increase efficiency and improve board processes by downloading our white paper, Digitizing the Board For Efficiency.