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Cryptocurrency and Retail: What the Future Holds

The Consensus 2018 conference sponsored by CoinDesk is a three-day blockchain and cryptocurrency summit, now in its 4th year. This year, the event attracted over 8,000 attendees to New York City.

Nasdaq's Global Markets Reporter, Jill Malandrino interviewed many of the innovative entrepreneurs working on the latest applications, platforms and solutions that utilize blockchain, machine intelligence and cryptocurrency.

In this episode, Jill interviews Ryan Taylor, the CEO of Dash Core Group about the integration of retail with cryptocurrency. Dash (digital cash) has created a money system that is designed to be user-friendly and scalable.

Ryan provides his commentary on the following points:

  1. Limited adoption is due to lack of ease of use for most cryptocurrencies. Currently the user experience is relatively difficult to use. Ryan emphasized that digital money should be as easy and as instant as a credit card transaction.
  2. Other reasons for low adoption include the lack of incentives such as credit card rewards and merchant-paid transaction fees.
  3. The U.S. may be the last to adopt cryptocurrency for retail transactions since our financial institutions and transactions generally work in their current format.

  4. Early adoption is happening in other countries that have difficult currency or hyperinflation situations such as Venezuela.

To watch the full interview on Twitter, click this link or the image below.

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