Crypto With A Cause: These Nine Charity Tokens Will Save The World

By Sami Touzani, Founder/CEO at World of Waves

With NGOs’ efforts strained by the pandemic and the Earth burning at an alarming rate, it’s become clear that investing in crypto is our only chance to revolutionize the way we give back to our planet. By using blockchain technology, we have a great opportunity ahead of us to clean up our environment before it’s too late. Below, I provide my guidance on the smartest, most transparent cryptocurrencies available right now that will save the world. - Elongate’s mission is to leverage community action and blockchain technologies to grow a global movement that defies the status quo and makes profitability intrinsically linked to positive social impact. To date, Elongate has raised $3.25m for notable NGOs like Children International, Human Relief Foundation, and Action Against Hunger. (SPE) - Through strategic partnerships, academic backing, and a strong budding cryptocurrency community, SPE bundles all the ingredients to significantly change the Earth’s landscape through carbon sequestration in coordination with international aid organizations and the public alike. SPE’s overall goals include developing an enhanced green (tree cover), better marine management, lobbying for more meaningful legal controls, and supporting the real costs of climate change. - Aquari is an Environmental Conservation Organization powered by cryptocurrency to restore Earth’s bodies of water to their glorious healthy state for all living creatures on Earth. Each transaction is taxed for 10% of its total value. Tax will be divided into 4% that will be burned to provide liquidity, 3% that will be redistributed amongst all Aquari holders, and 3% that will be sent to a donation wallet to finance the Aquari Non-Profit Organization’s efforts. - AquaGoat is a next-generation ecological DeFi token with a purpose: saving our oceans. A portion of every transaction is sent to the AquaGoat “Ocean Blue Fund,” which is used to fund ocean cleaning and marine conservation initiatives. The token currently works with 7 NGOs and growing. -The Anji Ecosystem will be a place for investors who prefer to invest in charity-focused tokens. Future token creators will be able to create ANJI-20 tokens with ease, and investors will have peace of mind knowing that the charity funds raised will go where they are promised.
SafePanda will be the trading pair for this DEX, and the first token to be introduced will be Bamboo. Anji is currently in development with more details to come. - Mental illness is a silent battle for 10% of the world's population. It has touched almost every person on Earth, and yet it's something we still never talk about. ‍Despite serious progress in the past decade, mental health is still heavily stigmatized and under-researched. Happycoin is a token that sets out to change this.$POC) - Pangea is a Singaporean company, which has been operating since 2019 with a mission to clean the ocean and inspire an ecological movement. To date, Pangea has raised more than $500k and held 40 beach cleanups in 10 countries. $POC is a sustainable circular economy solution to combat ocean pollution. It stops and recycles trash using river barriers that will be tracked and verified through the blockchain. The barriers generate revenue through the creation and sale of plastic offset credits; meanwhile, the trash will be made into Pangea’s line of recycled products and sold to manufacturers. - The SaveTheWorld Project sets its sights on becoming the defining Impact Investment Token on the Binance Smart Chain Network. SaveTheWorld project will operate in defined phases, each with a unique charitable cause at its focus. Phase 1, for example, has seen SaveTheWorld concentrate all its efforts on aiding India in its battle against Covid-19 and donate $1.7m to the CryptoRelief India Fund.

World of Waves($WOW) - (Disclosure: The author of this article is the founder/CEO of World of Waves) $WOW is a crypto token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Like most tokens, $WOW has a built-in tax that is initiated with every transaction; this transactional tax is 11% and is broken down in the following way: 3.3% is redistributed back to all holders, 3.3% to the liquidity pool, and 4.4% to the $WOW charity wallet. As the charity wallet grows, funds are extracted monthly for donations that are voted on by the community and are geared towards ocean conservation and the preservation of aquatic wildlife. The $WOW team will always be the most transparent developer team in the market with its investors.

About Sami Touzani: 

Touzani is a young visionary who finished his apprenticeship in the E-Commerce and Marketing business in 2021 in Marburg, Germany. He brought World of Waves to life on April 24th of this year after he decided to create a cryptocurrency that combines blockchain and charitable donations.

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