Crypto Crow Talks Cardano, Bitcoin, & Future Of Cryptocurrency

Crypto crow, the cryptocurrency investing giant, and I mean physically, giant, who’s real name is Jason Appleton is my guest on Diva on The Block today. In this episode we discuss:

– Why he’s into cryptocurrency

– Charles Hoskinson MMA Fight

– Chainwise event in Ohio

– Cardano’s future

– Bitcoin price

– Future of cryptocurrency

If you are at all active in the cryptocurrency community, you probably already know him and if you don’t know him, well, you should.

After you watch the video, go to the comment section and let me know what you think of my discussion with Catherine Coley and your thoughts on Binance US.

About Crypto Crow, Jason Appleton

Jason Appleton, affectionately known as the Crypto Crow, is a cryptocurrency investor, trader, and entrepreneur. His mission is to educate people about the cryptocurrency space. He delivers his education in a blunt, upfront and honest way. His biggest followers gather around on his YouTube channel.

Crypto Crow and his family live in Cincinnati Ohio, where I actually flew to last month to attend his Chainwise event.

Jason grew up with very little, raised by a single mother. He saw struggle every day of his life.

According to his website, he spent 40 years learning new industries. He was able to establish a name in those industries for integrity, hard work, and accomplishment. Now, in the Cryptocurrency space, Jason’s mission is to rise into the ranks of the wealthy while bringing others along for the ride.

The Real Person Behind Crypto Crow Exposed!

Jason is a 7-foot tall giant. He makes fun of his size constantly and even goes on to call himself an ogre.

But his followers know about his soft side. He’s not afraid to shed a tear when he’s emotional.

He attributes this quality to his mother who taught him it’s ok for men to cry.

But his physique got him into MMA fights.

Beside’s Crypto Crow’s MMA experience in the past, he doesn’t appear to want to be back in the game himself anymore. In fact, he can get super emotional and maybe even start crying during the match. However, he is interested in getting Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson on the ring, even though his most recent attempt fell apart.

In this interview, we also find out what’s the favorite cryptocurrency for Crypto Crow: Cardano.

Crypto Crow’s Cardano Forecast

In this interview, Crypto Crow announced his favorite cryptocurrency project to be Cardano.

When asked about its current low prices, he said he’s not worried about them at all.

Price is not the biggest priority of the Cardano project at the moment. Cardano (ADA) could continue its downward momentum towards 0.026 or maybe even lower.

ADA/USD chart

To Crypto Crow, this is the accumulation phase. Once the markets are back on its feet, investors are gonna rush back from their “crypto vacation” and start asking what’s good to invest in. And it may just be too late.

Bitcoin Price Forecast

The BTC/USD pas remained below the daily Ichimoku cloud. It now appears to have bottomed out just above the key support level of $6,406.

The pair may even be in the process of forming a Double Bottom bullish reversal chart pattern.

BTC/USD chart

However, the bearish momentum still appears to be strong. A break below this key support level could open doors to further declines. Could Bitcoin reach the $4,000 again?

What do you think about Crypto Crow’s forecast on Cardano? What’s your favorite cryptocurrency?

Go to the video’s comments section and let me know.

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