Contagion: Future of AI and Social Media

Nasdaq's Brad Smith interviews Gautham Sastri, CEO of iSentium -- a Nasdaq Analytics Hub data provider -- on the future and evolution of artificial intelligence and social media. Here are a few highlights from the exchange:

  • Sastri notes that currently AI has been used at a lower level than we can even imagine. For example mainly with self-driving cars and products like Amazon's Alexa. However, Sastri points out that more complex tasks and functionality is not far off in the future.
  • When it comes to financial markets, AI will be used to provide traders with a "heads-up" on events and activities that might be considered contagion -- notable events that catch fire and affect the value of an asset.
  • Continuing further, Sastri reviews the requirement for a combination of the right sources, data processing and AI to get a full picture of which contagion might affect valuations.
  • Combining data processing with artificial intelligence is the key to providing information to markets and those who trade with the right data to make better decisions for better trades.
  • He explains how companies are currently working to harness all of the data that is available, to create new products and solutions, the key is figuring out what is "stuff," data, or actionable intelligence.
  • The iSentium CEO also elaborates that in the future it will be necessary to have a combination of really smart AI, intelligent math, very fast chips, and energy efficiency in order to utilize the amount of data that will continue to multiply -- currently at 25 terabytes per second and growing 38% exponentially.

To learn more about the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, watch the entire interview below or here >

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