Coda Protocol Hoping to Expand User Base by Teaching People How to Run Nodes for Free


Blockchain firm Coda Protocol announced the launching of its node operator mentorship program on Wednesday. 

  • In a press statement emailed to CoinDesk, the firm said that in order to train people to run nodes it would pair them with “technical ambassadors” from its team, and this program would also be a gateway for applicants to seek a grant of Coda’s tokens to help develop the network.  
  • We are proud that 30% of our community comes to us having never run a node before,” said Evan Shapiro, CEO of O(1)Labs, the firm developing Coda Protocol, in the statement. “We made this program to really make it easy for people to get involved with what we’re building,” he added. 
  • According to Shapiro, Coda is also on track for its expected mainnent launch in Q4. “It’s just a few more testnets and we’ll be there,” he said. 

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