Closing the Opportunity Divide Via Year Up: Diamond Darby

Diamond Darby

Year Up is aimed at closing the opportunity divide across companies in the U.S., with the premise that talent is spread evenly across the country while opportunities are not. Nasdaq is among the companies taking part in this movement to help students start careers and reach their potential. 

Diamond Darby first learned about Year Up through a friend who had become an employee at a major bank with support from the program. At Year Up, students learn the skills they need to enter the workforce. In 2020, Darby started the program herself to learn more about finance, a field she always had an interest in, but few resources at-ready to learn more about.

Today, she is a project coordinator at Nasdaq, focused on data stewardship to assist partner businesses. We spoke with Darby about her experience with the program, career aspirations and advice to future applicants of the program. 

Why did you decide to work at Nasdaq via Year Up?

I decided to work at Nasdaq after Year Up because my internship experience was amazing! My team was very supportive. Nasdaq is such a diverse place to work at.

What was the most rewarding part of Year Up?

Besides increasing my knowledge of financial operations and earning my internship, the most rewarding part of the entire Year Up experience is the opportunity to learn and grow with colleagues who have similar interests. Year Up provided a community in which people of all backgrounds can come together to build and expand their network.

What future career paths do you see for yourself at Nasdaq and beyond?

In the future, I would like to become a project manager and continue to collaborate with my colleagues. I also would like to open my own non-profit organization for the youth. It’s important for the youth to know that there are many opportunities and programs that can help them become successful.

I am interested in leading in this way because I’ve seen the effects of the pandemic on my community. I want to open a non-profit that is similar to Year Up and provide a support system. Some kids don’t have a team to motivate them to reach higher. This would serve as a head start to their career. 

To those thinking about applying for Year Up, what would you advise?

To those who are interested in applying for Year Up, I say be focused and go for it! It’s okay to be unsure; there are different options you can take up. Find what’s best for you and get that head start on your career. 

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