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Capital Markets Union: The Road to Sustainable Growth in Europe

Nasdaq is fully supporting the EU vision on a Capital Markets Union (CMU) in order to unlock investment in the EU and create a single market for capital

Nasdaq is fully supporting the EU vision on a Capital Markets Union (CMU) in order to unlock investment in the EU and create a single market for capital. The CMU Action Plan focuses more on large institutions than improving the capital markets themselves. To achieve the goal focus should rather be on increasing transparency, making the capital markets more accessible to smaller businesses, incentivizing long-term private investment in listed equities, encouraging the development and use of disruptive technology and ultimately creating jobs. As a key stakeholder Nasdaq welcomes the opportunity to be part of the solution, thus today launching a White Paper on the CMU.

Sweden IPO Taskforce

An Improved Climate for IPOs for Sweden's Growth - Problem Analysis and Proposed Actions 

Nasdaq Stockholm has conducted a discussion with the business community to create a plan to improve the possibilities for companies to finance growth and job creation in Sweden. The plan was presented on September 25, 2013.

Contact: David Augustsson+46 8 405 6000

Denmark IPO Taskforce

Recommendations for a Stronger IPO Climate for Denmark's Growth 

50 market participants came together in December 2013 in three working groups to discuss the specific challenges facing Danish companies wishing to float their shares. The outcome of the discussions are presented in this catalogue.

Contact: Helle Mayor, +45 91 32 40 30

Finland IPO Action Plan

Economic Growth through IPOs

Nasdaq Helsinki gathered market participants to discuss measures how to improve the Finnish IPO climate in January 2014. Based on the workgroup discussions, Nasdaq Helsinki published a White Paper “Economic Growth through IPOs – An efficient listing environment is key to growth and capital market competitiveness in Finland in May 2014. 

The White Paper introduced 25 measures on how the IPO climate and capital markets could be improved in Finland. Nasdaq Helsinki hosted an Exchange Seminar in January 2015 in which the status of the implementation of the proposed 25 measures for the Finnish IPO Task Force was presented. Consequently, the Final Report the status of the measures were presented in October 2016. Some of the initiatives were cleared as fulfilled, and some of them are currently under implementation with a set time plan. The rest of the proposed measures are part of Nasdaq Helsinki’s ongoing work. Nasdaq Helsinki hosted a meeting for capital market participants in May 2018 to discuss how the Finnish capital markets could be improved. 

As of the situation in June 2018, 17 of the original proposed measures are fulfilled, six under implementation, and two are part Nasdaq Helsinki’s ongoing work.

ContactMaarit Bystedt+358 9 6166 7274

Iceland IPO Taskforce

Increasing the efficiency and usefulness of Iceland‘s securities market

In the IPO Task Force Report we propose measures that on the one hand are designed to make it easier for companies to list and on the other hand measures to stimulate the interest of investors in the securities market. In total there are ten recommendations for improvements. Innovation and the growth of small businesses will be one of the main driving forces of economic growth in the coming years, but smaller companies’ limited access to capital has proved to be problematic.

ContactKristin Johannsdottir+354 525 2844

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