CannaTech Conference Series With Mark Goldhar: Google Doesn't Exist Yet In The Cannabis Space

By Rena Sherbill

Jonathan Liss and I covered the CannaTech conference in Tel Aviv that ran from April 1 to 2. We talked with a wide variety of attendees and presenters - from executives and scientists to venture capitalists, money managers, marketers and journalists. Today, we are releasing our last episode in this series with Mark Goldhar, who is on CannaTech’s financial advisory board. He has vast experience as an entrepreneur and executive in the cannabis space with a history of working in multiple startups.

I was very happy to sit down with Mark on Day 1 of the conference. We talked about his background in the space, the future of the industry, and what investors in the cannabis sector should be focused on.

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Topics covered:

  • 1:30 - Mark's role with CannaTech and his history in the cannabis space
  • 3:46 - The limited future of M&A in the cannabis sector
  • 4:40 - What Mark looks for in cannabis startups
  • 6:11 - Growth potential of the cannabis industry globally and domestically - cannabis business will be split up into 3-4 main industries
  • 7:44 - Legalization has to do with reducing social stigma of cannabis. Medical innovation, beauty/wellness segment and advocacy helps destigmatize and normalize the sector
  • 11:33 - Google doesn't exist yet in the cannabis space. Who will rise to the top?
  • 13:03 - Advantages and disadvantages in the Canadian market
  • 13:55 - Advice to cannabis investors - not a space for someone who doesn't understand risks

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