Canadian Insider Trading Highlighted by Gold and Oil

This week in Canadian insider trading we saw an increase in buying and selling in the gas and natural oils industry. This is partially due to the fact that gas prices are currently low in Canada, and they show no sign in rising anytime too soon. We also saw a higher rate of insider activity in the gold and precious metals industries. These transactions come as the price of gold slides downward.

1.Yangarra ( TSXV:YGR )

Yangarra reported five significant insider buys this past week. These buys come as the price of the company is dwindling around $0.30.

The VP of Operations, Lorne Simpson, bought 850,000 shares at $0.28. This transaction cost him $238,000. He now holds on to at least 999,000 shares of YGR.

CFO James Glessing added 38,000 shares to his stake for $0.28 each. This buy cost him $10,640.

Chairman of the Board Gordon Bowerman made three separate transactions adding a total of 300,000 shares at an average price of $0.285. These transactions cost Bowerman a total of $85,000

Yangarra is a junior oil and gas company that is engaged in exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil in Western Canada.

The GuruFocus analysis reports that the company has been in an operating loss for the past three years. Also over the past three years, Yangarra has issued CAD 27.455 million of debt as well as CAD 49.688 million worth of new shares.

According to Yangarra's income statement the company's revenue has been increasing since 2010, but so have the depreciation, depletion and amortation. This has resulted in a negative net income for the company.

No gurus currently hold stake in the company.

With its shares down 4.84%, Yangarra currently trades at $0.30.

2.Amica Mature Lifestyles ( ACC )

Amica insiders have consistently been making big buys into their company in the recent months. Two insiders made nine different buys this week adding a total of 42,000 shares of Amica.

President and CEO Samir Aziz Manji made seven of the nine buys adding a total of 25,000 shares for an average price of $8.86 per share. These transactions cost him a total of $221,631.

Director Terence Holland bought 17,200 shares in two different buys. The shares traded for an average price of $8.80 for a total amount of $151,500.

These insider buys come as the revenue growth has slowed down. The price of Amica is also nearing a 52-week high price of $9.61.

Amica Mature Lifestyles is a company that designs, develops, markets and manages retirement homes.

TSX:ACC data

The Mawer New Canada Fund currently holds 556,993 shares of Amica.

With its shares down 0.34%, Amica trades at $8.82.

3.Colossus ( CSI )

With its share prices plummeting over 50% since January, two insiders have been nabbing up the stock while it's been so cheap.

Making seven different buys, Director and CEO Claudio Mancuso added a total of 30,000 shares at an average price of $2.44. His total amount for these transactions was $75,301.

VP of Exploration Graham Long bought 5,000 shares at $1.93. This cost him $9,650.

Since Mancuso's first buy on April 10, the price of Colossus has dropped by 31.85%. Colossus is currently sitting beneath its previous 3-year low price of $1.97.

Colossus is a Canadian-based exploration and development company with primary focus on a gold and platinum mine in Para, Brazil.

There are no gurus that currently hold stake in Colossus.

With its shares down 10.24%, Colossus trades at $1.84.

Notable Insider Sells:

1.Paramount Resources (TSX:POU)

Paramount Resources reported six different insider sells this week coming from two different insiders.

Director Thomas Claugus sold a total of 28,400 shares in five different transactions. The shares traded at an average price of $34.77. Claugus made $973,560 on these transactions.

President and COO Jim Riddell sold 300,000 shares at $37.63 per share. Riddell made $11,289,000 on this transaction.

These sells come as the price of the company is getting closer to a 52-week high. The P/S Ratio of the company is also nearing a 10-year high of 16.72.

Paramount Resources is a Canadian energy company which explores for, develops, processes, transports and markets petroleum and natural gas. Paramount operates out of four units in Kaybob, Grande Prairie, Northwest Alberta and the Northern US.

The GuruFocus analysis has reported that Paramount has seen an operating loss over the past three years. Also over the past three years the company has issued CAD 330.512 million of debt.

Mawer New Canada Fund holds 541,893 shares of Paramount.

With its shares down 5.84%, the company trades at $33.67.

2.DeeThree Exploration (TSX:DTX)

DeeThree Exploration reported two insider sells coming from VP of Land, Trevor Murray.

Murray added a total of 125,000 shares on April 12. The shares traded at an average price of $7.55. Murray brought in $951,250 with these two sells.

Murray made these sells as the price was close to a 5-year high of $7.36.

The GuruFocus analysis of the company reports that DeeThree has issued CAD 60.668 million of debt. The company has also seen an operating loss over the past three years.

DeeThree is an energy company specializing in crude oil and natural gas exploration. Their primary sites operate out of western Canada in Alberta. The company also has an ownership interest in gas transportation and processing infrastructure.

There are currently no gurus that hold stake in DeeThree.

With its shares down 3.65%, DeeThree Exploration trades at $6.60.

3.CI Financial Corp ( CIX )

Last week five different insiders made sells of their stock in CI Financial. These insiders made sells as the price of the company is sitting near a 10-year high.

The five insiders sold a total of 113,989 shares of CI Financial for an average price of $28.24. Most notably, Director William Holland sold 100,000 shares at $28.15 per share. Holland made $2,815,000 in this transaction.

According to CI Financial's income statement, the company has shown growth in both revenue and net income.

CI Financial is one of Canada's largest investment fund companies. The company primarily operates through two subsidiaries: CI Investments and Assante Wealth Management. The company offers many financial products and services including mutual funds, segregated funds, financial planning, insurance, investment advice, wealth management and estate and succession planning.

The Mawer Canadian Equity Fund currently holds 1,170,400 shares of CI Financial.

With its shares down 1.98%, CI Financial trades at $28.15.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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