Breaking Barriers: How Women Tech Trailblazers are Leveraging AI to Drive Innovation in Blockchain and Digital Fashion

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By Jenny Q. Ta, General Partner at

Exploring the Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on the Future of Tech

The technology industry has been rapidly evolving, with advancements in various fields like blockchain, AI, and digital fashion. One area of focus is the use of blockchain in climate change, with companies leveraging the technology to provide transparent and accountable solutions for businesses looking to make a real impact. In the fashion industry, NFTs and AI have become increasingly popular, with creators exploring the potential of these technologies for their digital artwork. AI has also been making waves in the health and wellness industry, with the potential to revolutionize the way we monitor and improve our physical and mental well-being. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, with initiatives being launched to promote greater representation of women and other underrepresented groups.

Here are some insights I've learned from six women in AI and tech who inspire me and are actively shaping a more equitable future in these industries.

KUAN-NING TSENG’s Fund The Planet Empowers Businesses with Transparent Climate Solutions on Blockchain.

Kuan-Ning Tseng, Co-Founder of blockchain-based company Fund The Planet, is on a mission to revolutionize the way businesses approach climate change. As Head of Business Development and Chief Sustainability Officer, Tseng is committed to driving systemic change and empowering brands to make a real impact in the fight against climate change. By integrating blockchain and NFT technology, Fund The Planet offers unparalleled transparency and accountability at every level, from brands to individual products.

Tseng's passion for environmental stewardship has led her to develop a unique approach that eliminates the need for middlemen and provides complete legal ownership of conservation projects. Fund The Planet conducts comprehensive legal and environmental due diligence on acquired property and puts the legal ownership title on the blockchain, taking complete responsibility for setting up a conservation plan and managing the project on behalf of clients.

By providing businesses with a solid legal position to empower their impact, Fund The Planet is shaping a more responsible and sustainable future. With a compensation plan in place, businesses can be assured that Fund The Planet is fully responsible for delivering on commitments. To get involved and launch a climate action campaign, businesses can simply contact Fund The Planet and choose their preferred way of engagement, whether it's through Web3 or without Web3.

ADRIANA KRAWCEWICZ: Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Fashion with NFTs and AI Art.

Adriana Krawcewicz, a fashion illustrator and art director with over a decade of experience in the fashion and luxury industry, has become one of the first creators to embrace NFTs. With clients including Oscar De La Renta, Vogue, and H&M, Krawcewicz recognized the potential of blockchain technology for her multimedia art, which is predominantly digital. She has exhibited solo as one of the first fashion illustrators in Web3, including at Miami Art Basel, and has spoken at NFT-NYC and NFT-London. As a pioneer in the field of NFTs, Krawcewicz firmly believes that digital fashion is the future, and staying relevant as a creator is key to exploring new trends and technology. With her experience in art direction and the fashion industry, she is fascinated by AI solutions and continues to explore their possibilities.

Recently, Krawcewicz exhibited her AI artwork for the first time at the Future Plus launch at Samsung over NFT NYC, showcasing her commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the fashion industry. Krawcewicz's work as a fashion illustrator and art director led her to become the mastermind behind the landing page of Fashion Icons, further showcasing her ability to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. As she continues to explore the possibilities of NFTs and AI art in the fashion industry, Krawcewicz is poised to make even greater strides in pushing the boundaries of digital fashion.

HADARI OSHRI of Gava Ventures Leads AI Revolution in Health and Wellness Industry.

Hadari Oshri, founder and CEO of Gava Ventures, is at the forefront of the health and wellness industry's AI revolution. COVID-19 has brought health and wellness to the forefront of everyone's minds, leading to an increase in demand for AI-powered solutions that can monitor our health and provide personalized recommendations. According to the Global Wellness Institute, high net-worth individuals are now more likely to invest in longevity health than luxury goods such as a Rolex or Bentley, shifting priorities and driving innovation in the wellness industry.

Gava Ventures is an AI-driven online marketplace and physical wellness location that gathers and analyzes vast amounts of data related to our health. By using wearable devices and apps powered by AI algorithms, Gava Ventures can provide real-time feedback on our health status and offer personalized recommendations based on our individual needs and preferences. Moreover, AI's potential goes beyond just monitoring and improving our health. AI algorithms can also assist in the early detection and prevention of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer's, and cardiovascular diseases by analyzing medical images and patient data. By predicting which treatments are most likely to be effective for a particular patient, AI can also assist in developing personalized treatment plans, leading to improved outcomes and an extended lifespan. Overall, the influence of AI in wellness and longevity has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry and significantly improve our quality of life.

NICOLE COLWELL was recognized as a Top Woman in Web3 by Women of Web3 and launches WESaga to promote diversity in the industry.

Technology industry expert and executive strategist, Nicole Colwell, has been recognized as one of the top women in the Web3 industry by Women of Web3. Colwell's passion for emerging technology and her successful consulting practice led her to working with Web3 start-ups and eventually becoming an influential presence in the sector. Currently, she serves as the Chief Alliance Officer at PraSaga, a Swiss foundation building the next generation of layer-one blockchain. The technology is on a mission to solve many of the limitations that plague first-generation chains. Colwell is also the Chief Strategy Officer at Fashion Icons, the world's first “phygital luxury fashion house" that bridges the gap between her two passions - luxury fashion and Web3.

Aside from her successful career, Colwell is also an advocate for women in the tech industry. She launched WESaga, an initiative that aims to connect and provide opportunities for women in web3. She regularly speaks about the importance of women being at the forefront of web3 and most recently, she spoke at the United Nations about the pivotal role of women in web3 and the importance of investing in them. Her dedication to promoting opportunities for women in web3 reflects her commitment to creating a more inclusive and diverse tech community. With Colwell's impressive background and advocacy for women, she is undoubtedly a role model and inspiration to the next generation of women in tech.

SHINTA DHANUWARDOYO's Entry into Web3 Space: Board Advisor to NFT-Based Gaming Platform Good Games Guild.

Tech industry veteran Shinta Dhanuwardoyo's foray into the web3 space has garnered attention for its potential to spur innovation. As a board advisor to NFT-based gaming platform, Good Games Guild, Dhanuwardoyo has been sharing her knowledge and expertise to further develop the platform's operations. Good Games Guild had been chosen as one of the top 3 biggest gaming guilds in the world, managing 1,500 scholars, 250,000 communities, and 50 gaming partners globally. With her extensive experience spanning 27 years in the tech industry and knowledge of the Indonesian market, Dhanuwardoyo's contributions have been invaluable to the platform's growth.

In her role as an advisor, Dhanuwardoyo provides strategic guidance on business development, marketing, and technology, while also helping the platform explore new opportunities and partnerships to expand its reach. Dhanuwardoyo is a staunch advocate of empowering creators, and she believes that the platform has the potential to unlock new revenue streams and opportunities for game developers and content creators. With her commitment to staying on top of the latest technological trends, Dhanuwardoyo's contributions to Good Games Guild underscore the transformative potential of web3 technologies for the future of the tech industry.

GENEVIEVE THIERS' Aims to Disrupt Streaming by Empowering Creators and Fans.

Genevieve Thiers, founder of, has launched a new web3 company called, aimed at disrupting the siloed world of streaming and empowering creators to bring their work direct to fans. Thiers believes that collaborative storytelling will be the new disruptor, and Entertainmint is poised to pivot creators and fans en masse into a world where they can work together to bring works to life. Prior to Entertainmint, Thiers secured nearly $30 million in venture financing for Sittercity, which successfully created a "bridge" for parents seeking childcare. With Entertainmint, Thiers aims to remove the middleman while creating a more collaborative and equitable ecosystem for creators and fans alike.

Thiers and her co-founders have spent 14 months raising over $1 million to date building a beta for Entertainmint, which is built on the Ethereum chain. She sees the same issues in the video creator space today as she did in childcare with Sittercity, where there is no bridge for creators trying to bring their work direct to fans. Thiers and her team are betting that by accentuating the middleman with a bridge, they can allow streamers to choose creators more successfully and also allow creators that choose a non-streamer route to shine. With Entertainmint, Thiers aims to remove the middleman while creating a more collaborative and equitable ecosystem for creators and fans alike.

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