Bob Greifeld: Dear Fed, Please Be Late To the Rate-Raising Party

Nasdaq's CEO, Bob Greifeld, asks the Federal Reserve to think twice about raising federal interest rates and its consequences for U.S. economic growth in this insightful Op-Ed piece in today's Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Below is an excerpt:

  • As the Fed balances timing for its first interest-rate increase in nearly nine years, it is useful to consider the risks of raising rates too quickly or too slowly. Moving too quickly, amid persistent signs of global economic trouble, could have a damaging effect on economic growth and investors by sending stock and bond markets into turmoil. But moving too slowly risks inflation exceeding 2% for an extended period.

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Robert Greifeld is the CEO of Nasdaq OMX Group Inc. Bob Greifeld assumed leadership of Nasdaq in 2003, when the company's primary business was operating one equity market in the U.S. Today, Nasdaq is a leading participant in the exchange and technology sector.

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