Blockchain Reports: ThroughBit

Abhishek Gopal is the Co-Founder and CEO of ThroughBit based in India. ThroughBit is based in Bangalore and focused on the Indian market. The company's trading platform is built to simplify cryptocurrencies, such as Falcon -- a smart contract that is built on the Ethereum platform. It is pegged to the Indian Rupee (1 Falcon = 1 INR). Falcon is the bitcoin-type currency created by ThroughtBit. Falcon stands for Fast Algorithmic Currency On Line.

How Does Falcon Work?

But pegging the Falcon to the Rupee, that makes it easy for currency traders to safely keep their currency at play rather than have to depend on the opening and closing of banking institutions. It also minimizes any volatility associated with cryptocurrencies. As a smart contract built on the Ethereum platform, Falcon facilitates a means for 24/7 trading to buy and sell Ether (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) as well as make transactions and payments.

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