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Hey folks.

I’m Luke Lango… and I’m the new editor of MoneyWire.

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Some of you may already know me through my free e-letter Hypergrowth Investing, or through my research services, including The Daily 10X Stock Report, Innovation Investor and Exponential Growth Report.

My goal in MoneyWire is to alert you to the megatrends and innovative small companies that will lead the market into the future. It’s what you’re used to. It’s what you expect. And it’s the best way to make money.

As investors, our goal is to invest early in world-changing business trends, like the internet revolution of the 1990s. Investors made 20 times, 30 times and even 40 times their money as the internet changed the way we work and live.

The pandemic of 2020 changed the investing world significantly, and many investors have been left confused about what’s coming next.

But let me assure you that the megatrends you are used to reading about — such as artificial intelligence, genetic editing, 5G, renewable energy, cryptocurrencies and autonomous vehicles — are my focus. They are the best opportunities in the market today, and they will remain the focus of this e-letter.

The pandemic changed many things about our world, but these megatrends continue their unstoppable march to a better future. And now, more than ever, you have a chance to get in early and rake in the biggest gains.

I promise you that each issue of MoneyWire will be a breeze to read. A regular issue won’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time.

Each issue will reflect my team’s up-to-the-second research, commentary and actionable profit ideas. We aim to enrich your life in just minutes.

I hope you continue to enjoy your free subscription to MoneyWire. I believe it can help you make a lot of money… and learn what the future will look like.

We are fortunate to live in such incredibly exciting times, and I look forward to helping you discover some of the unprecedented opportunities that are already out there.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my first issue.

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