Are these 3 Top-Ranked Mutual Funds In Your Retirement Portfolio?- August 26, 2020

The funds in our "Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds" list are some of the top-performing, best managed funds available. If you're already invested in them, congratulations! If you're not, don't worry - it's never too late to start getting the advantages of these outstanding funds for your retirement.

The easiest way to judge a mutual fund's quality over time is by analyzing its performance, diversification, and fees. Using our Zacks Rank of over 19,000 mutual funds, we've identified three outstanding mutual funds that are ideally suited to help long-term investors pursue and achieve their retirement investing goals.

Here are the funds that have achieved the #1 (Strong Buy) Zacks Rank and have low fees.

TCW Select Equities N (TGCNX) has a 1% expense ratio and 0.65% management fee. TGCNX is a Large Cap Growth option; these mutual funds purchase stakes in numerous large U.S. companies that are expected to develop and grow at a faster rate than other large-cap stocks. With yearly returns of 15.71% over the last five years, this fund clearly wins.

Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth R (FSMRX): 1.11% expense ratio and 0.46% management fee. FSMRX is one of many Small Cap Growth mutual funds; these funds tend to create their portfolios around stocks with market capitalization of less than $2 billion. With yearly returns of 11.01% over the last five years, FSMRX is an effectively diversified fund with a long reputation of solidly positive performance.

BlackRock Science & Technology Opportunities Service Class (BSTSX). Expense ratio: 1.17%. Management fee: 0.8%. Five year annual return: 26.1%. With a much more diversified approach, BSTSX--part of the Sector - Tech mutual fund category--gives investors a way to own a stake in the notoriously risky tech sector.

There you have it. If your financial advisor had you put your money into any of our "Magnificent Retirement Mutual Funds," then they've got you covered. If not, you may need to talk.

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