Apple Watch Updates Focus On Health

(RTTNews) - Apple's latest update for its watch operating system 6 will help track various health parameters to stay healthy and fit. The technology giant tags the device as the 'App Store on your wrist' that can track several activity trends, including menstrual cycles and noise intensity.

The watch comes with a pretty look, practical solutions and trendy functionalities. The new watch face will tell you about the decibel levels in which you are listening. It can provide you climate update such as alert about chances of a rain. In a single look, you can see the cellular strength in addition to the regular time display. Taping on the wrist watch can record a voice memo.

There will be innovative alerts about a new hour and the user can set a chime to ring. When you hold the watch face with two fingers it will loudly present you the current time.

The new update comes with an enhanced Siri. You can ask about the details of the song running. One can raise the wrist and ask about the song; then Siri will answer about it. You can also use apple watch to scroll through the web pages.

There are umpteen apps that you can download to the watch. Cycle tracking will be a useful addition with an option to record symptoms such as headaches or cramps.

The Open Cycle Tracking app will help women to alert about the fertile window in a month. Ovulation prediction kit will work by reading body thermometer.

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