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APAN Spotlight: Taiwai Yun on Fostering a Harmonious Work Culture

Taiwai Yun

As Nasdaq continuously strives to advance inclusive growth and prosperity, we spotlight Asian Professionals at Nasdaq (APAN), an employee resource group (ERG) for Nasdaq colleagues that have an affinity or interest in Asian culture. We spoke with Taiwai Yun, Manager of the Nasdaq Tower, about joining APAN and his goals for the network.

What is your role at Nasdaq, and please describe what an average day looks like for you?

I am the Manager of the Nasdaq Tower. My primary task is overseeing the contents that go on the Tower. I spend the majority of my time assisting clients in creating beautiful designs, managing the schedule and developing new ideas to enhance their experience. All these translate to many calls, especially with IPO clients.

When and why did you decide to join your employee network group? 

I was invited by my supervisor, Rohini Shahriar, to join. She was one of the co-leads of our then SAPAN (South Asian Professionals at Nasdaq) employee network. The network was trying to expand from its reach. It was renamed APAN. I was very grateful for the opportunity to help achieve its mission.

Please tell us about a memorable experience you had at your employee network group.

We had a Diwali celebration at the MarketSite in 2019, which was fantastic. There was a talk by Deepak Chopra, a live dance performance and artists on-site to showcase the intricate henna design.

As an ally of your employee network group, what is one thing you would like to tell others? 

We encourage others to stay curious and try joining events we host. Our network is APAN (Asian Professionals at Nasdaq), but our focus is not solely on matters related to our communities.

Last year, we had a successful series of meditation to help relieve stress caused by the lockdowns. A few months ago, we had several dance workouts on Bollywood music, which gave some of us an opportunity to take a break a sweat during our long workday. This week, we ran a photography workshop for anyone who sought to improve their skills. We welcome everyone who is intrigued by these to give it a try.

Why is discussing and advocating for diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace important?

It is to promote the idea that everyone belongs in this company. Nasdaq operates in many different countries. Our strength lies in the diverse expertise and experiences each of us possesses.

What would you like to achieve at your employee network group?

My goal is to establish a channel for our colleagues to build rapport through cultural events, holiday celebrations and professional development seminars. Most of us at Nasdaq are busy all the time. I hope our events can help break up their hectic days while providing fun and interesting topics.

Why is celebrating different representations in the workplace important?

Nasdaq is a multi-national company. It’s important for us to acknowledge and celebrate the fact that we come from all over the world with different backgrounds and preferences. This fosters a harmonious and tolerant culture within our workplace.

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