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APAN Spotlight: Hemavathi PB on How Asian Culture Represents Coming Together and Support

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In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we speak with members and leaders of our APAN (Asian Professionals at Nasdaq) employee resource group (ERG) to learn more about their roles at Nasdaq, the impact they drive every day and how other groups can be allies to the Asian community at large. We spoke with Hemavathi PB, project manager specialist for CIT program management at Nasdaq.

Can you please tell us about your role at Nasdaq? 

As a project manager specialist, I currently lead and project manage the internal and external employee engagements and communications for the Bangalore center. This role specifically involves project planning and managing the internal community activities and engagements, as well as managing the senior leadership engagements, regional communication medium for all global events and publishing knowledge sharing within the Bangalore site.

At times, I lead but mostly act as an active participant in all the Bangalore networking communities. I have hosted, led and successfully executed several events for the Bangalore center. Additionally, I am a member of few global employee networks where I have represented APAN and supported multiple events.

Why did you decide to join APAN? What will you hope to take away and bring to the community?

I see this as an opportunity to be a part of a global community network where I can learn about diverse cultures and collaborate with people across countries. I decided to join APAN to “bring people together” and be a part of recognizing and developing Asian culture.

Through this community, i've learned that we are all together and connected. As a culture, we always look forward to inclusiveness by mingling, welcoming and encouraging people to share their experiences. It’s inspiring to hear from senior leaders about their professional and cultural experiences as well. 

Being part of this community has also served as an opportunity to connect with people. Going forward, I would like to support diversified programs and help in promoting inclusive culture as part of employee engagement.

What does Asian culture represent to you?

Asia hosts a variety of cultures, festivals and celebrations. Therefore, we represent an ideology where different cultures come together, celebrate and support each other during happy and difficult times.

How can groups outside of the APAN network be allies to the Asian community in a time of unrest?

During time of unrest, I strongly believe that we need to extend our support to all the groups and help create various programs that will bring relief and positivity in one’s mental health. We need to instill an idea of togetherness within Nasdaq family. Additionally, we need to create a positive environment to exchange ideas, collaborate with each other and run programs that are beneficial to all employees.

Who in the APAN community would you consider a role model and why?

I would say Smitha Krishnamurthy because I personally feel that she is connected with people and is determined and goal-oriented. Her motivation and energy inspires me.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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