Andrew Davidson: Why Being Curious Is Essential to a Successful Internship

Andrew Davidson

As the world transitions to a new normal, Nasdaq’s annual internship program is too. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have turned circumstance into a learning opportunity for interns joining us this year to participate in meaningful and long-term projects.

In the Nasdaq Futures Internship Program, we offer a variety of professional experiences for emerging talent through an immersive 10 to 12-week virtual internship program. From Stockholm to the U.S., meet a few of the bright minds joining us digitally from all around the world. They are playing integral, hands-on roles to help Nasdaq #RewriteTomorrow. Today, we speak with Andrew Davidson, an Inside Sales Intern here at Nasdaq.

Tell us a bit about your position and background.

I currently work as an Inside Sales Intern at Nasdaq. I study business administration and entrepreneurship at the University of San Diego, although I am originally from Montana. My family has a long history of business in financial services, and I look forward to gaining similar experiences throughout my time here at Nasdaq. 

What is your favorite project you’ve worked on thus far, or one that you’re looking forward to?

So far, one of my favorite projects I have worked on is determining which companies that have had an IPO within the last six months are good leads for our governance sales team to pursue. I enjoy this project because I know my research is being taken into consideration which will ultimately be the deciding factor of which companies our team generates leads for.

What about Nasdaq has stood out to you most, now that you are a part of the global team?

One of the greatest benefits of joining a global team like Nasdaq is the fact that our company promotes diversity, inclusion, environmentalism, and so much more. Everyone I have met here is so friendly and welcoming; it truly makes Nasdaq feel like one big family. 

How is this internship supporting your goals long-term?

As far as long-term goals, this internship provides me unmatched support due to my aspirations to work in finance. The experience I gain from this internship will be extremely valuable as I continue to explore future career paths both within Nasdaq and the business industry.

What is your goal as a #NasdaqFam intern?

As a #NasdaqFam intern, my goal is to gain a greater insight into how Nasdaq operates and connect with fellow interns and colleagues. The friendly environment at Nasdaq makes it easy to make introductions with new people, and I look forward to seeing what the road ahead brings.

What advice would you give to future Nasdaq interns?

One of the biggest pieces of advice I would pass on to future interns is to always be curious and make the most of what you are given. With the honor of being a Nasdaq intern, it is important to ask questions and put in hard work, as this opportunity is what you make of it.

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