American Insider Trades March 22 to 28

This week in American insider trades saw an increased buying in company stakes by individuals. There were several directors and corporate executives spending over a million dollars in their company's shares. We also saw several large insider sells from big companies like PetSmart and Jack in the Box.

Note: The following insider trades are only a few notable transactions. To see the full list of insider trades, click here .

Notable American Insider Buys:

1.AGCO Corp. ( AGCO )

AGCO Corp. reported four insider buys this past week all coming from director Mallika Srinivasan.

This week Director Mallika Srinivasan started buying shares on March 22 and the last reported buy came on March 27. Srinivasan added a total of 895,227 shares at an average cost of $50.86 per share. By the end of the week Srinivasan has spent a total of $45,524,440.

Srinivasan is the CEO and president of the Tafe Motors and Tractors, a billion dollar tractor-producing company out of India. She is married to Venu Srinivasan, the chairman, CEO and president of TVS Motors. Srinivasan has been a director for AGCO since 2011.

AGCO is a agricultural company that focuses on the design, manufacturing and distribution of agricultural machinery. AGCO has five core brands that are distributed through 3,150 independent dealers and distributors.

Market Cap: 4.91 B P/E: 9.4 Shiller P/E: 12.9
P/B : 1.4 P/S: 0.5 EV/EBITDA: 5.87
52 Week Low: 38.09 52 Week High: 55.15 Average Volume: 1.9 M

According to the GuruFocus analysis of AGCO , the company has shown predictable revenue and earnings growth as well as an expansion in their operating margin

There are currently eight gurus followed by GuruFocus that hold shares in AGCO.

With its shares up 1.7%, AGCO trades at $52.12.

2.Apache Corp. ( APA )

Apache Corp. reported an insider buy on March 26. Director Randolph Ferlic added 20,000 shares at $74.48 per share. The transaction cost Ferlic $1,489,600.

Ferlic has proven to be a successful investor in his company. The last time Ferlic made a transaction in Apache was in May 2008. Ferlic sold 5,000 shares at $148 per share. Since that sell, share price has gone down 47.86%. To see more of Ferlic's transactions, click here.

The insiders with Apache prove to be accurate in their trading. In the chart above you can see that Apache insiders typically sell their shares when the price jumps. There have also been significantly more insider buys now that the price is nearing a 52-week low.

Apache is an oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in the U.S., Canada, Egypt, the UK, Argentina and Australia. The company also leases and operates oil and gas properties.

Market Cap: 30.23 B P/E: 15.6 Shiller P/E: 12.6
P/B : 1 P/S: 1.8 EV/EBITDA: 3.56
52 Week Low: 72.2 52 Week High: 72.20 Average Volume: 4.05 M

There are 22 gurus that hold a stake in Apache. To see these gurus and the shares they hold, click here.

With its shares up 1.62% today, Apache Corp. trades at $77.16.

3.HF2 Financial Management (HTWO)

HF2 Financial Management went public on Wednesday, raising over $153 million. It got the ball rolling by reporting several insider buys.

Corporate executives and directors of HF2 bought a total of 1,044,896 shares. The initial public offering price was set at $10. The insiders spent a grand total of $10,448,960.

The market cap for HF2 is set at $407.8 million.

HF2 Financial is based out of Denver, Colo. The company focuses on acquiring companies in the financial services industry through a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, plan of arrangement, recapitalization, reorganization or other similar business combination.

Today HF2 Financial trades at $10.06.

4.Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services ( LTS )

This week Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services reported seven insider buys. There were five buys on March 21, with two additional buys coming on the 26 and 27.

On the March 21 , Director Phillip Frost acquired 15,000 shares, Director Richard Rosenstock, president and CEO Richard Lampen, Executive VP Mark Zeitchick and COO Adam Malamed each added 10,000 shares. The average price per share was $1.68.

On March 26, Phillip Frost added an additional 10,000 shares at $1.60. On March 27, Director Saul Gilinski also added 10,000 shares for a share price of $1.63.

The executives added a total of 75,000 shares and spent a total of $124,800.

Ladenburg is a full-service financial company that offers independent brokerage and advisory services, asset management, investment banking equity research, institution sales and trading, and private client services.

The GuruFocus analysis of Ladenburg reports that over the past three years the company has issued $175 million of debt. The company is close to a one-year price high of $1.78.

Market Cap: 304.6 M P/E: 110.7 Shiller P/E: n/a
P/B : 5.93 P/S: 0.487 EV/EBITDA: n/a
52 Week Low: 1.14 52 Week High: 1.86 Average Volume: 245,416

Jim Simons is the only guru with stakes in LTS. Simons holds 12,800 shares.

With its shares up 1.22%, Ladenburg Thalmann trades at $1.66.

For more information on insider trades at Ladenburg Thalmann, click here.

Notable Insider Sells

1.Jack in the Box ( JACK )

Jack in the Box reported two large insider sells this week.

On March 28, Chairman and CEO Lisa Lang sold 165,746 shares at an average price of $34.77 per share. Lang raked in $5,762,974 with this transaction. Lang still holds on to 279,985 shares following this sell.

On March 27, Executive VP Phillip Rudolph sold 20,000 shares at a five-year high cost of $35.12 per share. Rudolph pulled in $700,000 with this transaction.

Jack in the Box hit a five-year high on March 27 of $35.12 per share. This beat the previous high which was $34.59 per share.

The company operates and franchises over 2,800 Jack in the Box fast food restaurants. According to the GuruFocus analysis, the company has seen an average 6% annual earnings growth over the past 10 years. Jack in the Box is also close to a 10-year high PS ratio of 1.11.

Market Cap: 1.51 B P/E: 22.9 Shiller P/E: 18.87
P/B : 3.5 P/S: 0.9997 EV/EBITDA: 8.14
52 Week Low: 22.04 52 Week High: 35.12 Average Volume: 503,960

Four gurus hold shares of Jack in the Box. For more information on these gurus and their shares, click here.

With its shares down 1.17%, JACK trades at $34.59.

To see more information on insider trading at Jack in the Box, click here.

2.PetSmart ( PETM )

This week PetSmart reported insider sells coming from their CFO as well as from their executive VP of merchandise marketing.

On March 27, executive VP and CFO Lawrence Molloy, sold 34,104 shares at an average price of $62.25. Molloy pulled in $2,122,974 from this transaction.

On March 28, executive VP Joseph O'Leary sold 12,449 shares of PetSmart stock for an average price of $62.09. The total transaction amount was $772,958.

PetSmart is a retailer of products, services and solutions for the needs of pets. PetSmart provides pet services such as grooming, training, boarding and day camp. The GuruFocus analysis of PetSmart states the company has shown predictable revenue and earnings growth. The operating margin is also expanding which is generally a good sign for companies.

Market Cap: 6.67 B P/E: 17 Shiller P/E: 26.4
P/B : 5.8 P/S: 1.055 EV/EBITDA: 9.75
52 Week Low: 54.20 52 Week High: 72.75 Average Volume: 1.97 M

Ten gurus currently hold PetSmart shares. For more information on these gurus and their share, click here.

With its shares down 0.38%, PetSmart trades at $62.10.

3.Splunk ( SPLK )

Splunk Inc. reported the largest insider sell of the week. The President, CEO and Chairman, Godfrey Sullivan, sold a total of 260,000 shares at $39.99 per share. The total transaction amount was $10,397,400. Despite the size of this sell, Sullivan still holds 173,990 shares of the company's stock.

Splunk offers a software platform that collects and indexes data at a massive scale, regardless of format or source. After the software organizes the information it enables users to quickly and easily search, correlate, analyze, monitor and report on this data.

The GuruFocus analysis of Splunk notes that the company's interest coverage is comfortable as they have no debt. The company is currently sitting at a one-year price high of $40.03.

Market Cap: 3.95 B P/E: n/a Shiller P/E: n/a
P/B : 16.8 P/S: 13.8 EV/EBITDA: n/a
52 Week Low: 25.15 52 Week High: 40.03 Average Volume: 1.72 M

There are six gurus that hold shares in Splunk. To see these gurus and what shares they hold, click here.

With its shares up 0.02%, Splunk trades at $40.03.

To see other insider trades from Splunk, click here.

Note: These are only a few of the notable American insider trades from the past week. To see the full list of insider trades, click here. About GuruFocus: tracks the stocks picks and portfolio holdings of the world's best investors. This value investing site offers stock screeners and valuation tools. And publishes daily articles tracking the latest moves of the world's best investors. GuruFocus also provides promising stock ideas in 3 monthly newsletters sent to Premium Members .

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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