Amazon Plans "Just Walk Out" Payment Technology At Whole Foods Stores

(RTTNews) - Retail giant Amazon Inc. (AMZN) on Wednesday said that it will start operating cashier-less "Just Walk Out" technology at two Whole Foods locations, which will open next year. Owned by Amazon, the Whole Foods stores are all set to open at Washington, DC, and Sherman Oaks, California.

The "Just Walk Out" technology does away with the concept of cashiers. The technology combines store-wide sensors and cameras to note what the customers are purchasing so that they can "just walk out" with their purchases, instead of queuing up at cashier counters to pay their bills.

The items purchased by the customers will automatically be charged to an Amazon account once the customer "walks out" of the store. The payment can be done through the Whole Foods app or Amazon app.

Amazon said in a statement that when the customer enters the store, they can scan their Whole Foods or Amazon app, by activating a credit/debit card linked to their Amazon account, or by using the palm-scanning payment system, Amazon One. The company said that once the check-in is done, customers can make all their purchases and after they leave the store, they have to scan the app or tap the card in the same manner as they entered. Once they exit the Whole Foods store, the items will get charged to their Amazon account. The customers will get an e-receipt, which they can open through the Whole Foods app.

For customers who are not in favor of cashier less counters, they can always shop the old way. Both the upcoming Whole Foods stores will have self-checkout lanes along with the cashier less ones. These self-checkout lanes will accept cash, gift cards and all other types of payments.

Amazon had first introduced the cashier less concept at an Amazon Go supermarket in 2018 and it was then extended to other bigger company supermarkets. However, with Whole Foods, this is the first time customers will experience cashier less purchases, at the 500-old grocery chain, which sells typical Whole Foods fare like seafood, fresh-squeezed orange juice and organic vegetables.

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