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AI-Powered Marketing Might Be the Key to Financial Inclusion, Says Justin Day

Justin Day

Those investing in tech are no strangers to hype cycles. Time and time again, investors are enthralled by promising innovations that take the world by storm, just to fade away sooner than expected. Once thought to be such a trend, AI has been changing the world by disrupting whole markets and industries for over a year. Now, according to marketing expert Justin Day, AI is transforming marketing into a major driver for financial inclusion.

The capabilities of AI are directly linked to its ability to analyze vast amounts of data, detect patterns, and make predictions based on them. With an estimated 97 zettabytes of data existing in the world, the capabilities of AI are now bigger than ever as these models can now be trained much more effectively.

“With the volume of data being created increasing by the hour, AI-powered systems will only become more powerful and prevalent across every industry,” explains Day, who has kept a close eye on AI and integrated it into his business over the past years. “This trend will be much more obvious in terms of personalization when it comes to marketing, allowing us to reach our audience more effectively.”

Financial inclusion has long been one of the biggest efforts by organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Standard Chartered, with both recognizing its symbiotic relationship with capital markets. Day argues that AI-powered marketing can help with the challenge of financial literacy by making it easier to reach the targeted audience.

Having founded Day by Day Digital back in 2016 with the mission of rethinking marketing as a whole, Day is well aware of how challenging reaching an audience can be. However, by using technologies like AI to develop novel models like its proprietary “Swarm Systems”, his agency has effectively cracked the code to audience engagement.

“Whether you are offering highly accessible financial services or educational resources, you need to be able to reach your intended audience,” Day adds. “AI-powered marketing will help you do just that by making it easier to determine what is the exact challenge a specific person is facing, how you can address it, and how to communicate with that specific audience.”

With experts like Stability AI CEO Emar Mostaque warning about how AI could “be the biggest bubble of all time”, effective communication is more urgent than ever. In his Amazon's #1 seller book “In Search of Tomorrow: How AI-Driven Search Results Shape The Future of Your Business”, Day explains how this can easily be done through AI.

PWC estimates that addressing racial gaps alone could result in an additional $5 trillion in GDP, which is why it is not surprising that banks are investing over $100 billion in financial inclusion efforts. If Day’s decades of expertise and success are to be trusted, these efforts could potentially be accelerated and amplified through AI-powered marketing strategies. Given how much work there is still to do, this might just be what is needed.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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