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Advisory Intelligence: Nasdaq’s Insight360 Launches Benchmarked Analytics Ahead of MiFID II

In the brave new world of MiFID II, how can IROs more effectively allocate their time? Insight360, a new cloud service offering from Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, provides IR professionals with benchmarking analytics tools.

In the brave new world of MiFID II, how can IROs more effectively allocate their time?

Insight360, a new cloud service offering from Nasdaq Corporate Solutions, provides IR professionals with benchmarking analytics tools designed to measure meeting effectiveness against company peers by sector and market cap, and analyze how to deploy IR program resources more efficiently.

The difference between Insight360 versus anecdotal information is that Insight360 aggregates data from companies using Nasdaq IR Insight® to deliver actionable analytics to the user, allowing an IRO to track benchmarks while monitoring investor activity and behavioral changes in real time.

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The four capabilities within Insight360 provide real-time, management-ready reporting:

Event Benchmarking: tracks effectiveness and progress of existing and potential investor meetings versus peers by sector and market cap. “The power of Insight360 is that an IR program’s resources are objectively benchmarked,” notes Dan Romito, global head of investor analytics at Nasdaq Corporate Solutions.

Given the market changes expected with MiFID II, Romito notes the Nasdaq team designed Insight360 to offer IR professionals faster and deeper insights and a tangible call-to-action.

“We have been able to study the behavioral tendencies of investors and meeting interactions and incorporate those into Nasdaq IR Insight with Insight360. It allows a client to say I have done so many events: what has my sector and market cap done? And it allows clients to ask: am I spending my time in the most efficient manner possible?”

Peer Saturation: quantifies and measures saturation of ownership versus peers.

Target Tracker: tracks the progress of user-identified targets, while pinpointing exposure to investors and the markets. “Target Tracker allows you to incorporate your targets throughout the course of the year: it shows you the amount of time you are presenting or allocating to one-on-one meetings. This gives real time intelligence on how to reallocate not only your time, but for what audience,” says Romito.

City Flow: using proprietary data, geographically track capital flows and highlight the advantages or disadvantages of prioritizing certain areas. “One of the major assumptions is that everything in the market is going to remain as the status quo,” says Romito. “City Flow tracks which city has the greatest in and out flow of capital for that particular peer set. So in real time you can reassess whether that city you highlighted at the beginning of the year still makes sense to go to.”

“Insight360 is predicated on the mindset that post-MiFID II there is going to be a whole new dynamic in the investment world. Putting this in perspective,” Romito says: “We have had the continued contraction of the sell side, and sector focuses have become more obsolete over the last four or five years.”

“MiFID II is going to change everything,” adds Romito. “This is an exercise in behavioral finance. We want to study interactions, the behavioral tendencies of investors, and utilize that information and perspective for our clients. From January 2018, [the implementation of MiFID II] there will have to be an adjustment.”

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