Adena Friedman on CNBC's Squawk Box

Nasdaq President, Adena Friedman co-hosted CBNC’s Squawk Box from Hong-Kong lasts week. Several topics were discussed; here is a brief recap with video clips below:

Nasdaq as an Ever-evolving Company

  • Over the last 15 years, Nasdaq has changed and grown into a global technology exchange with technology relationships with many exchanges throughout the world.
  • Friedman also spoke about Nasdaq’s suite of corporate solutions products that help companies to communicate better with their investors and tools for monitoring their stock transactions:

Adena Friedman on Squawk Box

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Nasdaq’s Technology Relationships throughout Asia Pacific

  • Friedman explained that Nasdaq grew up as a U.S. cash equities market. However, over the past 10 years the company has grown to be the largest U.S. multi-listed options market and trading platform for treasuries. In Europe, Nasdaq is in equities, options and futures trading.
  • Today, the company is a financial technology provider and partner in approximately 100 market places. With regard to Asia, Nasdaq employs 700 throughout the region to support the company’s technology business.
  • Nasdaq’s technology products are deployed in countries such as Hong-Kong, Singapore and Australia for trading and clearing services.
Adena Friedman on Squawk Box 2

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The China and Hong-Kong Connection

  • Broker dealers have the ability to connect into every market in the world, exchanges need to have the ability to connect with one another. Friedman presented the example of the connection between Hong-Kong and Shangha.
Adena Friedman on Squawk Box 3

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