Abbott's Newly Approved Blood Test Could Help Identify Heart Attacks Sooner

(RTTNews) - Abbott Laboratories (ABT) said Wednesday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved its Architect Stat High Sensitivity Troponin-I blood test that could help detect heart attacks faster and more accurately than the standard troponin tests.

The doctors typically use a troponin blood test to help aid in diagnosing heart attacks. Troponin-I proteins are released from the heart and can be found at increased levels in the blood when the heart muscle is damaged.

The company noted that the newly approved test can measure very low levels of troponin thereby helping doctors evaluate heart attack in patients within two to four hours of admission.

This will benefit women greatly as they often have lower levels of troponin than men, making it difficult to diagnose hart attack with the contemporary troponin tests.

"With this clearance, the blood test may be sold in the U.S. for use on Abbott's fully-automated ARCHITECT analyzer," the company said in a statement.

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