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A New Exchange in Town: BIVA Launches in Mexico City

A New Exchange in Town: BIVA Launches in Mexico City

By Mark Driscoll, AVP, Market Technology, Americas, Nasdaq

Today is a symbolic day in Mexico as the Bolsa Institucional de Valores (BIVA) starts trading, and becomes the second exchange to operate in Mexico. We sat down with María Ariza, BIVA’s CEO, to discuss their ambitions for the new venue.

What do you hope your exchange will bring to investors in Mexico and the world?

Our ambition is to be seen by Mexican and global investors as a technological and innovative stock exchange. We’ve triggered regulatory changes that have modernized the stock market in Mexico. We offer cutting-edge, proven technology based upon international standards that ensures trading continuity, and enables us to innovate in trading models and thus attract new companies to the public market.

We use Nasdaq trading technology, which is used in over 50 markets around the world, allowing international investors to connect and invest with standard connection protocols in the Mexican market. We want to give the Mexican market and its companies more visibility around the world so that global investors can invest in new opportunities our country has to offer.

How will you “Rewrite Tomorrow” for your constituents?

We want to completely reshape the way a company enters the public market, and the whole experience of being a public company -- being with them every step of the way -- becoming their first stop when it comes to the stock market.

We want to grow the Mexican market by offering investors better solutions through technology, with partnerships such as Nasdaq. We want to foster financial education in Mexico, so all people can be part of this market, either becoming investors or financing their companies to develop them, making the country’s economy larger.

How does technology play into this vision?

Technology is a key player in our business because modern exchanges use technology for trading, surveillance, and data analysis and distribution.

Some of our main trading characteristics are:


  • Protocols in-line with international standards
  • Broker dealer anonymity
  • Block trading book
  • Closing auction
  • Full market depth of the books

Technology also helps us in the listing process and helps companies comply with their information disclosure requirements.

In a continuously-changing world, where new technologies and asset classes come into play every day, we need to be at the forefront to give a better service to our clients and continue to attract new players into the markets. Nasdaq helps us to make this possible and continue growing.

How do you feel the usage of Nasdaq’s technology will help to execute upon your ambitions?

By using Nasdaq’s trading technology, we will have one of the lowest latencies worldwide, and SMARTS surveillance platform lets us analyze big data and find red flags in the market so that we can provide investors and participants with the integrity that will inspire confidence in our exchange.

This alliance lets us look beyond the Mexican market to see what is happening worldwide, and helps us to implement best global practices in our country.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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