7 Ways You Can Protect Your Livelihood From Another AI Surge in 2024

Artificial intelligence wasn’t born in 2023 (that happened back in the 1950s, at the latest), but it was the year of noteworthy lightning-fast advancements. Specifically, a certain player called ChatGPT astonished anyone who’d ever doubted just how much AI could do.

AI is only just getting started, too. In fact, 2024 is slated to be an even more remarkable year for the technology, with a slew of developments and improvements already rapidly in motion.

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Though it’s an exciting time, it’s also a scary one. Many are wondering whether AI will grow to the point where they are, to some professional extent, no longer needed. One of the greatest science fiction questions seems to be playing out in real life: “Have the machines gotten too smart?” 

If you’re worried that AI could take your job, try not to panic. There are proactive steps you can take to protect your livelihood from the ever-evolving technology. Even if you aren’t worried, it’s still wise to make some cautionary moves, because we’re still barely on the precipice of all that AI can do.

Strengthen Your Soft Skills 

What can you do that AI, as far as we presently know, cannot do? You can provide true empathy, compassion and other genuine emotion. You can be creative and authentic in ways AI can’t. 

“Strengthen your soft skills,” said Rachel Pelta, head writer at Forage. “Emotional intelligence, empathy, and creative thinking are skills artificial intelligence isn’t likely to master any time soon but are abilities employers look for in staff. Demonstrating your mastery of them can help you remain a valuable team member for a long time.

Embrace AI Tools

This one may sound a little weird (because if you’re running away from a bear, why would you want to turn around and hug the bear?), but the best way to adapt to a world where AI is taking over is not to lunge from AI, but to embrace it.

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“As programs like ChatGPT evolve, being ahead of the curve and using it to be more productive can protect your livelihood,” Pelta said. “For example, I’m a writer but not the best at creating headlines; so, I’ve been asking AI for suggestions and using the output as a starting point (and sometimes the title!). I’ve saved a ton of time and creative energy that I then use to produce more content.”

Stop Feeling Threatened by AI 

Let’s not liken AI to a bear we should run away from. Instead, let’s think of AI as a benevolent companion. 

“I wouldn’t consider AI to be a threat at all,” said Luke Lintz, CEO at HighKey Agency. “It’s all about learning how to use it to your advantage, making yourself more valuable with the implementation of AI and then receiving higher compensation in a negotiated deal. Working with AI should feel comfortable because it makes people more efficient, it changes the way people think and it alters the tasks that people are going to do in the majority of their jobs.”

Seek ‘Human-Centric’ Roles and Duties

Even jobs in tech need human beings at the helm. Look for positions that value those little and big things that make us distinctly human. 

“Position yourself as a specialist in human-centric fields where emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills are indispensable, emphasizing the aspects of your work that involve storytelling and nuanced analysis,” said Nathan Brunner, CEO at Salarship.

Keep Networking 

Even if you’re not currently seeking a new job or career path, it’s vital to keep networking amid the rise of AI.

“Build a strong professional network,” said Dr. Uliana Dorofeyeva, director of Clinical operations at Ovogene, an AI-driven egg donor bank. “Collaboration and knowledge-sharing with peers can provide valuable insights into navigating career changes induced by AI.

Stay Informed

Though it can be overwhelming to stay up to date, try to stay in the know about developments in AI and how they they may be influencing or shaping job sectors.

“Stay informed about industry advancements and market trends,” Dorofeyeva said. “Proactive engagement with industry developments allows individuals to anticipate changes and take preemptive measures.”

Challenge Companies To Use AI Reasonably Going Forward 

Maybe you’ve been burned in the past by companies doing layoffs, possibly even as they adopt AI technologies. However, as AI becomes more prevalent, we should expect (and demand) companies to be reasonable, and to leverage AI as a tool rather than a sole talent. 

“Using AI to increase productivity rather than fully eliminating the human aspect necessitates a careful approach that some appear to be missing,” Lintz said. “Companies should view AI as a strong tool for enhancing human capabilities rather than as a replacement.”

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