5 Job Market Trends We're Looking Forward to in 2020

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The start of the year is a great time for reflection. We tend to think about what we've achieved during the previous year, a few things we could have done better, and what we're looking forward to in the year ahead. As a career woman (and a champion of other career women), I'm looking forward to some trends that are likely to benefit myself and my fellow professionals, including working moms, women in tech, freelancers, and InHerSight users!

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These five job market trends that we're sure to see more of in 2020 prove that we've got a lot to look forward to in the new decade:

1. Nontraditional benefits that enable greater work-life balance

Regardless of whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, changing careers, or reentering the workforce, you'll be happy to learn that more nontraditional benefits that help employees -- women especially -- enhance work-life balance are on the rise. These perks include flex time, remote work, and paid parental leave. Although it will take some time for employers to adopt these benefits packages and offer them to qualifying employees, it appears that this is already on the horizon for 2020. 

Try this trend: Keep up with notifications from your employer's HR department. Your company's HR professionals will be among the first to learn about new additions to employee benefits packages and can advise you on your options. 

2. Continuous performance management

Most employees are accustomed to annual performance reviews. For some, this is a dreaded process that comes around once per year and causes a bit of anxiety. For others, annual performance reviews are administered irregularly, if at all. In the new year, all of that could change as more frequent performance reviews are slated for 2020. According to Kazoo HR, performance reviews should be done on a quarterly basis if employers want to maximize employee performance. Furthermore, Kazoo recommends performance reviews be supplemented with regular coaching, feedback, and one-on-one meetings.

Try this trend: Think of performance reviews as an opportunity to ask questions, gain clarity about work expectations, and express concerns you have in a professional manner. Remember that the increased face-time with your employer could empower you to learn about what's needed to earn promotions and gain access to career-boosting professional development opportunities, such as conferences, professional memberships, and certificate programs. 

3. Technology takeover

You probably saw this one coming. As we've seen in the past decade, technology will continue to dominate the workplace. This means that you should be increasing your tech skills, even if you don't work in a digital industry. Women across industries, from finance to education, communication, and healthcare, must adapt to changes in technology in order to maintain job security and be competitive job applicants. 

Try this trend: Check out self-paced online resources such as LinkedIn Learning or Udemy to polish your basic technical skills. 

4. Increase in remote work   

Remote work is the future! Earlier this year, FlexJobs reported a 44% increase in remote work during the past five years. As prior data suggests, remote work results in increased productivity, more diverse global teams, and greater flexibility, which is great for employee retention. 

As 2020 ushers in a new decade, we can expect more remote work opportunities across industries. Although remote work isn't preferred by everyone, it is a great option for employees who enjoy being productive without having to work on site. 

Try this trend: If you're interested in telecommuting, check out this list of 51 companies that offer remote work. Still not sure if remote work is right for you? Check here for a few traits that help remote employees achieve success while working from a distance. 

5. Greater availability of mission-driven work

There was a time when job seekers could only find mission-based work in nonprofit organizations and small start-ups. Today, more organizations with a commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, philanthropy, and other key social causes are cropping up. This is a great job market trend for women who are interested in working for companies with strong community ties and a passion for social betterment. 

Try this trend: Consider your personal values. Then, find companies with practices that align with those values. One of the best ways to find out about a company's commitment to its mission is to read company reviews from other women on InHerSight. You can also read about companies with inspiring missions that score highly on InHerSight.  

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