5 Amazon Products on Sale This Holiday Season

It's no secret that Black Friday is a great time for shoppers to save.

Everything from televisions to smartphones to toys goes on sales as retailers compete for gift-givers who flood stores during the holiday season. Black Friday is a particularly good time of year to shop on Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), especially for Amazon gadgets. The tech giant generally seeks to take advantage of any opportunity to push its devices into more hands as many of its products encourage further shopping on Amazon or provide some other benefit for the company.

For instance, if you purchase a Kindle e-reader, you will have to buy e-books from Amazon. Its Fire tablets are designed to, among other things, facilitate orders from Amazon, and Echo devices help Amazon hone its Alexa technology as well as, again, facilitate buying things from Amazon.

Keep reading to learn about five Amazon products that are already on sale this holiday season.

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1. Fire TV Stick

Amazon's popular TV streaming device is now 50% off, selling for $19.99 compared to its regular price of $39.99. As a kicker, customers can get the device for that discounted price with two months of Showtime for free. Considering that Showtime generally costs $10.99/month, shoppers are basically getting the Fire TV stick for free.  

Users can use the device to stream a wide variety of entertainment from services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, Disney+, and Prime Video, among others.

2. Echo Dot

Amazon's cheapest Alexa device is just $34.99, down from its regular price of $49.99. The Echo, now in its third generation, has improved speaker quality over the second-generation device and pairs with popular music-streaming platforms such as Pandora and Spotify. Currently, Amazon is offering the device with four months of Amazon Music, a Prime benefit, included.  

3. Amazon Ring

One of Amazon's newest in-house products, Ring, came to the company through a $1 billion acquisition last year. This holiday season, Amazon is offering a discount on the smart-doorbell product, selling the Ring Video Doorbell 2 for $129.99, $70 off its regular price of $199.99.

The device allows owners to see, hear, and talk to visitors, acting as both a security device and a communication tool. Ring is especially helpful for Amazon shoppers who've had packages go missing from their doorstep, or who want to make sure something like that doesn't happen. Amazon is also bundling Ring with a $10 Echo Show 5, normally $89, so users will have an in-home device that will allow them to easily see who's at their front door. 

4. Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon wouldn't overlook its original product, the Kindle, in its holiday sales. The Kindle Paperwhite, the thinnest, lightest version of the e-reader yet, is now waterproof and comes with three months of Kindle Unlimited for free. Normally, that subscription plan, which gives users access to more than 1 million titles, costs $9.99/month. Currently, the Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for $84.99, a 35% discount from its regular price of $129.99. Readers looking for more features may want to consider the Kindle Oasis, but the Paperwhite is the modern version of Amazon's classic e-reader and is very popular with users.

5. Fire HD8 tablet

Amazon continues to expand and improve its line of Fire tablets. Though the devices have never rivaled the iPad in terms of sales, they do offer an affordable option for shoppers looking to get an inexpensive tablet. Today, the Fire HD8 costs just $49.99, down from its regular price of $79.99. This tablet features an 8" HD screen and is Alexa-enabled, functioning like an Echo Show but with a different set of capabilities.

On Amazon's website, you'll be sure to find a wide range of the company's products on sale from now until Christmas. As the company pushes into new technologies, shoppers could have even more to choose from this time next year.

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