3 Under-the-Radar Gaming Cryptos Set to 10X in 2024

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Many gaming cryptos have yet to take off in the current bull market cycle. However, I believe it’s only a matter of time before many of these projects surge higher. We could be on the cusp of an incoming altseason, as Bitcoin’s (BTC-USD) dominance shows signs of receding. Of course, we may still see new highs for Bitcoin this year above $100,000 once the halving cuts mining rewards in half and bolsters supply scarcity alongside rate cuts. However, numerous altcoins remain well-positioned to generate substantial returns.

Gaming cryptos are among the most cyclical tokens in the altcoin universe. But acquiring them before the altseason commences could unlock 10X gains or more this cycle. That said, there are obviously no guarantees here, and as I’ve cautioned repeatedly, you should only invest discretionary “fun money” in low-cap cryptos or cyclical altcoins. With that crucial caveat in mind, let’s explore three under-the-radar gaming cryptos poised for massive growth in 2024.

LitLab Games (LITT-USD)

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LitLab Games (LITT-USD) has been going through a slight downtrend over the past few months after initially popping last year. However, this slide has not been anything too dramatic, and the token has been holding up much better than most other crypto gaming projects. What makes LitLab Games special is its focus on esports. Most other crypto gaming projects are simple play-to-earn copies of existing games that bring nothing new to the table. LitLab can be a lucrative investment, since esports involve substantial money.

However, LitLab also has its own original games. It has a game called Cyber Titans, which was in development for two years before launching in 2023. The game itself looks well-developed, and the project operates on the BSC blockchain. The LitLab team has also been doxed, which is a good thing. Many team members have plentiful experience in gaming and esports. This background makes LitLab one of the safer plays among gaming cryptos with small market caps, in my view. The project’s tokenomics are also tenable, with LitLab’s allocation to the team at just 14%.

Given its current tiny market cap of $6 million, I believe LitLab Games can deliver significant returns for investors going forward. The project has strong fundamentals and differs from other crypto gaming projects in its focus on esports. While the token has slid from its 2021 highs, the project remains viable for investors seeking major gains.

Blue Kirby (KIRBY-USD)

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Blue Kirby (KIRBY-USD) is not directly a gaming crypto asset, but rather a meme coin. However, I think it has excellent tokenomics and potential moving forward. This was a crypto meme coin that was previously “soft rugged,” but it now has very decentralized and healthy tokenomics after the selloff.

Kirby is a classic video game character, so I still loosely associate this token with gaming. The KIRBY token is currently trading near bargain-basement levels with a tiny market cap of just $700,000 at the time of writing. I believe it can easily deliver outsized “multibagger” returns during the next altcoin season. It won’t take much for this crypto to reach $10 million in market cap or more.

KIRBY is also on the Fantom (FTM-USD) blockchain, with most of its volume coming from SpookySwap. This makes it a very under-the-radar project at the moment. However, given its negligible market cap and association with a beloved gaming icon, Blue Kirby seems primed for massive gains once altcoin mania returns.


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GAM3S.GG (G3-USD) is a new crypto gaming hub and ecosystem that launched on April 9th via POA Starter. The platform already has over 350 games, some playable directly in-browser while others are for discovery, guides, quests, or gaming news. The website looks clean and seamless, with highlighted popular games and a section for upcoming titles.

G3 token utility includes redeeming rewards from battle passes, transactions, and staking for exclusive platform access. The project’s ambitious roadmap includes tournaments, a gaming NFT marketplace, and virtual land integrations. Some of GAM3S’s partners already include Google, AWS, Immutable X (IMX-USD), Polygon (MATIC-USD), and major gaming studios.

G3 is currently trading on tier 2 and 3 exchanges like Gate.io and Bitrue, as well as on Uniswap, KuCoin and Bybit. Having launched very recently, I do expect more volatility than normal with this token, initially. I also have some concerns about potential token dilution over time from vesting schedules. However, this is common among crypto startups, and the project’s small market cap still makes G3 a likely candidate for major returns if adoption grows.

Small, low-volume cryptos

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