3 Hot Stocks Growing Faster Than Snowflake Right Now

This month's debut of Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) lived up to the hype. The stock that was initially set to hit the market as low as $75 eventually was priced at $120 -- only to more than double out of the gate. There's a lot to like about the cloud-native data management system provider, but it ultimately boils down to growth. Snowflake's revenue soared 174% in its previous fiscal year, slowing to 149% and then 121% in the first two quarters of this year. 

Most companies would love to be growing their top lines by 121% in their latest quarters, but a few exciting growth stocks are faring even better. Zoom Video (NASDAQ: ZM), Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY), and Livongo Health (NASDAQ: LVGO) saw their revenues soar 355%, 137%, and 125%, respectively, in their latest quarterly reports. And while Snowflake's revenue growth is starting to slow, all three of these stocks saw their businesses accelerate. Let's take a closer look at the companies sprinting past Snowflake. 

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Zoom Video

You may be suffering Zoom fatigue as both a consumer and non-investor, but it's hard to rip the 2020 crown from the head of the videoconferencing leader. Zoom's popularity has skyrocketed in the wake of the pandemic, accelerating what was already a fast-growing market darling. 

The record 355% surge in year-over-year revenue growth in Zoom's fiscal second quarter was largely the handiwork of businesses shifting from in-office to work-from-home meetings. The number of Zoom customers with more than 10 employees has skyrocketed 458% over the past year. However, it was also classrooms, performance venues, and social groups going virtual that made Zoom an overnight success. 


The online marketplace for artisans and vintage enthusiasts has always been a busy place, but the COVID-19 crisis made it a hotbed for custom-made face coverings. With crafty merchants shifting gears quickly, Etsy became a popular outlet for folks to find unique masks to protect themselves from the deadly coronavirus outbreak, while also brandishing some degree of fashion sense and personalization.

Etsy may never top the 137% top-line burst it posted in its latest quarter, and that's understandable. The 146% surge in gross merchandise sales for the period will be a record holder at Etsy for a long time. The key here is that Etsy is now reaching a wider audience as a result of folks turning to the company for the first time or rediscovering their love for the artsy platform. Growth will slow at this point, but it was not a slowpoke before the pandemic, clocking in with eight straight quarters of better than 30% growth before its blowout performance.

Livongo Health

Combining health and technology to deliver better outcomes is at the heart of Livongo Health. The digital health-monitoring specialist is pioneering a niche it calls applied health signals, tackling chronic conditions, including hypertension and weight management, through data science to provide more effective wellness coaching.

Livongo's top platform is for diabetics. Members prick their fingers for glucose meter readings, and those results get sent to Livongo's cloud where it can try to course correct if blood sugar levels are on the rise. Livongo had 410,000 diabetes members on its high-tech platform, up 113% over the past year. The company now has a track record of dramatically improving average glucose readings in as little as a few months, so it's easy to see why employers, insurance companies, and members are benefiting from the shot at healthier lifestyles.

Livongo Health surprised the market this summer by announcing a deal to be acquired by Teladoc Health in an $18.5 billion deal, but this isn't the end of Livongo's heady growth. Teladoc and Livongo are both disruptive tech-health sprinters, and the obvious synergies will make the combined company more successful than either one was on its own. 

Snowflake may very well be the IPO of the summer, but Zoom Video, Etsy, and Livongo Health are the real growth stars of the season.

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