3 Dividend Stocks Perfect for Retirees

Most investors who are retired want to own stocks that pay a good dividend. They'd be likely to define that as one with an above-average yield and decent growth prospects yet with a lower risk profile. While that's asking a lot, several dividend stocks do fit the bill.

Three that match up perfectly are pipeline giants Enbridge (NYSE: ENB), TC Energy (NYSE: TRP), and Williams Companies (NYSE: WMB). Here's why they're all excellent options for retirees.

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A high yield with healthy growth prospects

Canadian energy infrastructure behemoth Enbridge has everything a retiree could want in a dividend stock. For starters, it yields 6.1% at the moment, which is more than triple that of the average stock in the S&P 500. Meanwhile, that payout's on as solid a foundation as investors will find. That's because 98% of Enbridge's cash flow comes from stable sources like fee-based contracts. Meanwhile, it pays out only about 65% of its cash to cover its dividend. On top of that, it has an investment-grade rated balance sheet.

That healthy financial profile gives Enbridge the flexibility to invest in expanding its pipeline empire. The company currently has $19 billion Canadian ($14.5 billion) of growth projects under construction. That's enough to grow its cash flow by a 10% annual rate through next year, which leads the company to believe it can increase its dividend by another 10% in 2020. Meanwhile, Enbridge believes it can secure enough new projects to invest between CA$5 billion-CA$6 billion ($3.8 billion-$4.6 billion) per year after 2020, which should grow its cash flow at a 5% to 7% annual pace. That should support a similar growth rate in its dividend. Enbridge's low-risk dividend growth makes it an ideal fit for retirees.

An attractive yield with enticing growth prospects

TC Energy is also a Canadian energy infrastructure giant with a low-risk dividend. The company currently offers a 4.2% yield that it backs with a similarly strong financial profile. It has plenty of fuel to continue growing its payout.

Overall, TC Energy has CA$32 billion ($24.5 billion) of secured growth projects under way. Those expansions should provide it with the fuel to increase its dividend by an 8% to 10% annual rate through 2021. Meanwhile, it has another CA$20 billion ($15.3 billion) of longer-term expansions in development, which could allow it to continue increasing its dividend at a fast pace well beyond that timeframe. That combination of low-risk yield and growth is just what most retirees want in a dividend stock.

A solid yield and growth prospects

Williams Companies, meanwhile, is a U.S.-based company focused primarily on operating natural gas pipelines. However, it offers retirees many of the same desirable characteristics as its Canadian peers. Topping the list is its 6.5%-yielding dividend, which it backs with similarly sound financial metrics.

That healthy financial profile gives Williams the flexibility to invest in expanding its gas pipeline empire. The company's current slate of projects will grow its earnings by about 8% this year. Meanwhile, it believes it can continue securing enough new ones to support a 5% to 7% annual earnings growth rate after this year. That should enable the company to increase its dividend by around a similar yearly pace. 

A great combination of yield and growth

While there is no perfect stock, these pipeline companies perfectly match up with the characteristics that retirees seek in a dividend stock. That's because they not only pay a well-supported, above-average-yielding dividend but also boast attractive growth prospects. Those steadily rising cash payouts will go a long way in helping retirees meet their income needs.

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