2 Stocks Poised To Soar In The Wake Of Ferguson Turmoil

Whether you've been following the news closely or just overheard your coworkers talking about it, chances are you know about the controversy taking place in Ferguson, Missouri.

In the wake of these events, protests and civil unrest have broken out across the city -- leaving many around the country speculating as to what actually transpired on August 9.

And it's those speculations that could lead to a major boom for one market in the coming months.

The truth is: we may never know what happened that day. There was no video evidence and very few witnesses.

But over the past few weeks, a growing number of police departments across the country are placing orders for body cameras that officers can wear to document their interactions with the public.

The cameras will be able to record nearly everything an officer sees. Several petitions are gaining traction that will mandate police nationwide to begin wearing them.

Aside from the Ferguson controversy, there's been recent public outcry for change in New York and Los Angeles after incidents of alleged police brutality were caught on camera by pedestrians.

A 2012 study conducted by the police department in Rialto, California -- where officers wore body cameras on patrol for a year -- found that "incidents where officers used their pepper spray, Taser, baton, firearm or a police dog dropped in half..." compared to the year before.

And complaints against the officers during that year dropped by nearly 90%.

With stats like those -- along with the controversy in Ferguson, Missouri -- it is only a matter of time before more police departments around the country require all officers to wear body cameras.

And if the products prove useful, demand could skyrocket.

Just think back to 2005, when Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology was first used to solve a murder -- the technology was quickly adopted by police departments and security companies around the world.

Global innovator 3M has since sold over 20,000 ALPR cameras. 3M stated that the technology "has grown drastically, seeing rapid and widespread adoption worldwide."

And a similar development could happen soon with body cameras.

But where can investors look to profit from the coming boom? I've found two options...

Digital Ally Inc. (Nasdaq: DGLY ) is a police video camera company that's been publicly traded since 2007.

Customer inquiries for its FirstVU HD officer-worn video systems have "increased dramatically" in the wake of recent events -- causing its share price to skyrocket over 224% in the last 5 days, according to the company.

In 2013, 94% of Digital Ally's business came from sales to law enforcement, but body-worn cameras made up just 3% of the company's annual revenue. In other words, the company has plenty of room to grow in that department.

The small company -- with a market cap of just $35.7 million -- trades for just $12.50 per share, up from just $4 per share on August 19.

But the recent spike could be just the beginning if police departments around the country mandate that all officers wear body cameras. After all, there are currently more than 900,000 law enforcement officers in the United States, the highest number ever.

And Digital Ally sells body camera bundles for over $5,000 a piece -- meaning its potential earnings from body cameras could reach over $4.5 billion.

But despite the company's recent stock surge, it still has plenty of promise and reason to keep soaring.

But Digital Ally isn't your only option...

Taser International Inc. (NasdaqGS: TASR ) currently trades at $15.95 per share -- up over 36% in the last month.

It recently sold 100 of its Axon body cameras to the Fresno Police Department after the recent turmoil.

Body camera sales in the past quarter increased by more than five times year over year, as you can see in the chart below.

And Taser is a shareholder-friendly company as well...

While it doesn't yet pay a dividend, over the past three years the company has bought more than $58 million worth of its own stock, boosting the valuation of its shares.

Not only that, the company has over $50 million worth of cash and short-term investments and carries almost no debt --proof that the company has been successful managing its finances. It's hard to go wrong with a fiscally responsible company that generously rewards its shareholders and could see a major boom in the demand for its products.

And while Digital Ally has already exhausted some of its gain potential, TASER is still waiting for a stock price surge.

Risk to Consider: Competition from privately held companies could hinder potential sales from Digital Ally andTaser. Body cameras also have limited demand and prices could level out after a major spike in the coming months.

Action to Take --> Both Taser and Digital Ally offer investors the potential for big gains as the popularity and use of body cameras grows across the country. But with a larger market cap, low debt levels and generous share buybacks, Taser International appears to be the more reliable option. The company could offer investors a generous gain in the near future as demand for body cameras increases. And whether it's for police to help counteracts complaints of excessive force or for citizens who request video evidence after controversial encounters with law enforcement, these cameras have the potential to benefit all parties -- making them a true game-changing technology.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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