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10 Career Experts Share Their #1 Piece of Job Search Advice

Two businessmen shake hands.

Once you announce that you're looking for a new gig, unsolicited job search advice is inescapable: "Video resumes are the future!" "Go back to school!" "Talk to my cousin's best friend's son, he knows someone who used to intern there!"

While all of the people sharing job search advice like this are well-meaning, they're usually not career connoisseurs -- just friends and family who want to help you out. As a result, the quality of their advice is sometimes suspect.

There are plenty of good job search tips out there, but if you really want to identify the advice that's worth your time, you've got to get it from a credible source. And who better to weigh in than professional career coaches, HR consultants, and other subject-matter experts? Glassdoor reached out to nine career experts to learn their best advice on how to find a job -- here's what they had to say.

Two businessmen shake hands.

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1. Have a Job Target You Believe In

2. Create a Plan

3. Develop Your Career Story

4. Apply Even If You're Not a 100 Percent Match

5. Go on Informational Interviews

6. Brand Yourself

7. Supplement Online Applications With Offline Efforts

8. Become a Star Performer at Your Current Job

9. Network With Everyone -- Not Just the Bigwigs

10. Use Resume Keywords & Get Referrals

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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