Theresa May's High Stakes Brexit Poker Game

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Some could look at UK PM May’s persistence in pushing her withdrawal plan like banging her head against a stone wall, but there may be a method to her madness.

Theresa May’s Brexit Game Plan

It feels like a high stakes poker game with the EU’s refusal to amend the withdrawal agreement leaving parliament with some unenviable choices as the statutory  March 29 Brexit deadline nears.  Those favoring Brexit can either vote for the withdrawal agreement if it is presented for a third time or be subject to terms presented by the EU to approve an Article 50 extension if it is invoked by the UK.  The longer the extension the greater the risk that Brexit will never occur.

We gather the UK vote today is to extend the time to get a parliamentary agreement for Brexit to the official "no-deal" deadline of March 29. In the meantime, parliament will vote for a third time early next week on the twice defeated May Brexit deal with the EU. We understand her hope is to get support from the DUP and ERG based on the argument that "this is the best you are going to get". This will be an uphill battle but when faced with the alternative we will see whether the hardline Brexiteers blink.

How to Trade GBPUSD

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Will Brexiteers Blink?

In any case, we will be watching PM May’s attempt to walk back from the precipice and push through a withdrawal agreement that few seem to favor but could be the best they will get as the Brexit deadline looms. 

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