Holiday Blunders Covered by Homeowners Insurance

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Severe weather or an accident can cause the holiday season to feel even more chaotic. A fire or heavy snowfall might damage a house, or the family dog might bite a dinner guest. But if homeowner has insurance, those are some scenarios their insurance can help them with.

Homeowners insurance cannot prevent a snowstorm or keep someone from slipping and falling, but at least policyholders can rest easy knowing they might be facing an enormous financial burden on their own.

Here are some circumstances when someone might need to file homeowners insurance claim this holiday season. 

When Snow Damages The Roof

For homeowners that face heavy snowfall in the winters – like those in Michigan and other parts of the Midwest – damage to their roof is something many worry about. Historic flurries in New England in 2015 led to ice dams, collapsed roofs and other damages for many homeowners. 

Although rates increased after unprecedented storms in 2015, homeowners insurance companies covered damages and shared in the cost of necessary repairs.

Policyholders only share in the cost of claims in the form of their deductible, which is typically anywhere from $500 to $2,500. 

That might sound like a lot of money, but in the context of paying for a new roof in some cases, it’s well worth it. Without homeowners insurance, a homeowner would be stuck with potentially crippling out-of-pocket costs.

In Case Of A Fire

Christmas lights, candles and fireplaces are part of millions of holiday festivities in the U.S. and all three could cause a fire and damage a home. The wiring of lights might become exposed, a pet might know over a candle and a blanket might get too close to the chimney.

Losing a home in a fire would be devastating, especially near the holiday, but homeowners insurance policies do cover those damages.

A Fall On The Doorstep Or During A Party

Anyone who hosts family and friends during the holiday is exposing themselves to some level of risk, especially if they don’t keep walkways clear of snow and ice. A visitor might slip and fall and, if they file a lawsuit against the host, the cost to cover their medical bills and damages could be extremely high.

Some policyholders forget that homeowners insurance would help them in this scenario. Home insurance policies don’t just protect the home itself. They also include liability protection for situations just like the one mentioned.

Homeowners in places like Florida or Texas might have a hard time envisioning a fall on the ice outside their home. However, their homeowners insurance policy’s liability protection would also cover them if someone fell inside their home and filed a lawsuit against them.

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