Dave Krugman | Nasdaq Artist in Residence

Dave KrugmanDave Krugman

How did you get started with photography?

Photography has a long tradition in my family. My grandfather and father built a darkroom in their house when my dad was growing up. Decades later, my father encouraged me to pursue my interest in photography, and I never looked back.

Dave KrugmanDave Krugman

Why is Instagram your medium of choice?

Instagram is my medium of choice because it's more than just a photography app- it's an entire communications ecosystem where I have complete creative control. It's also a fantastic way to create a two-way relationship with my audience- they are as much as a part of my creative process as anything else. Furthermore, once you build a large enough subscription base, you can monetize your presence by collaborating with brands.

Dave KrugmanDave Krugman

What are you most excited about for the future?

I'm most excited to see how these technologies grow, and how they can further free up creatives to be their own editors, distributors, and companies. The fragmentation of the media landscape caused by social media is extremely disruptive in many ways, and that allows creatives like myself to find higher ground in a shifting landscape.

Dave KrugmanDave Krugman

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from films, books, the old masters of photography, other photographers in my community, and other creatives in general.

Dave KrugmanDave Krugman

At Nasdaq, we're working to Rewrite Tomorrow by relentlessly reimagining the markets of today. In what ways are you rewriting the tomorrow of photography?

I think that access to networking tools like Instagram is fundamentally altering the path to becoming an independent creative entity with a sustainable income. Artists like myself used to rely on distribution channels that were limited and controlled by titans of the industry. Now anyone with a cellphone and a good enough idea can thrive in a new media landscape, one where they can find their own niche audience and not tailor their work to the needs of a major publication.

Do you have a favorite place to photograph in New York?

My favorite place to photograph in New York is something that is constantly shifting. Right now I love the financial district because there are so many characters that are well dressed, classic looking people. I love evoking that sense of modern day noir.

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