American Insider Trades March 15-21

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This week in American insider trading we saw a lot of corporate executives making big buy backs into their companies. Some notable buys came from the medical and financial industries. We also saw several large insider sells from companies like Trulia, Proto Labs, and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Notable Insider Buys

1. Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Services ( LTS )

Ladenburg Financial reported six insider trades on March 20 and 21. The six insiders added 65,000 shares to their stake for a total of $109,000.

� On March 20 Director Jacqueline Simkin started off the buying by adding 10,000 shares at $1.65 for a total of $16,500. Simkin now holds on to 1,745,640 shares of the company.

� On March 21 there were four more insider buys of 10,000 shares at $1.69 per share. The following executives added shares: Richard Lampen (President and CEO), Richard Rosenstock (director), Mark Zeitchick (Executive VP) and Adam Malamed ( COO ).

� Also on March 21, Director and 10% owner Dr. Phillip Frost, added 15,000 at $1.66 per share. This transaction cost a total of $24,900. Frost now holds on to 54,277,130 shares of LTS.

Ladenburg Thalmann Financial is a company that offers independent brokerage and advisory services, investment banking, equity research, institutional sales and trading, and private client services. Ladenburg Financial is headquartered out of Miami, Fla.

Market Cap: 310.08 M P/E: 112.67 Shiller P/E: n/a
P/B: 5.83 P/S: .4959 EV/EBITDA: n/a
52 Week Low: 1.14 52 Week High: 1.95 Average Volume: 230,000

Guru Jim Simons holds 12,800 shares of Ladenburg Financial.

With its shares up 0.59%, Ladenburg Financial trades at $1.70.

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2. ULTA Salon, Cosmetics and Fragrance Inc. ( ULTA )

ULTA reported one large insider buy this week. Director Charles Phillippen added 10,000 shares to his stake at $75.44 per share. The transaction cost him $754,440. Phillippen now holds on to 86,559 company shares.

The last time Philippen made an insider buy was in 2009. He added 25,000 shares at $9.40. Since then share prices have increased 712.66%.

ULTA is a chain of retail stores that sells beauty products such as cosmetics, fragrance, haircare, and skincare products. The stores also maintain full-service salons. The company's headquarters are in Bolingbrook, Ill.

Market Cap: 4.87 B P/E: 31.1 Shiller P/E: 59.2
P/B: 7 P/S: 2.3981 EV/EBITDA: 13.77
52 Week Low: 72.51 52 Week High: 103.52 Average Volume: 2,029,000

ULTA is currently owned by seven gurus followed by GuruFocus. For more information on these gurus and their shares, click here.

With its shares up 1.56%, ULTA trades at $77.58.

For more information on ULTA's insider trading, click here.

3. Opko Health Inc. ( OPK )

Opko reported four insider buys for this previous week. Three buys coming from Dr. Phillip Frost and one from Director Richard Lerner.

- Dr. Phillip Frost is the CEO, chairman, director and 10% owner of Opko Health. Frost has been increasing his stake in the company at a very high frequency. This week alone, Frost added 159,600 shares for a total of $1,194,625. Dr. Frost now owns at least 15,490,560 shares of OPK.

- On March 15 Director Richard Lerner added 13,100 shares at $7.63 per share. The transaction cost him $99,953. Lerner now holds on to 97,500 shares.

Opko Health is a healthcare company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary pharmaceuticals, diagnostic and imaging systems, and instrumentation products for the treatment, diagnosis and management of ophthalmic diseases and conditions.

Market Cap: 2.38 B P/E: n/a Shiller P/E: n/a
P/B: 15 P/S: 46.296 EV/EBITDA: n/a
52 Week Low: 4 52 Week High: 7.83 Average Volume: 2,333,000

Three gurus followed by GuruFocus hold shares in Opko Health: Steven Cohen (11,123 shares), Mario Gabelli (15,000 shares) and Murrah Stahl (40,483 shares).

With its shares up 1.48%, Opko trades at $7.46.

For more information on Opko Health's insider trades, click here.

4. Kratos Defense & Security Solutions ( KTOS )

Kratos reported six insider buys this week. Three insider buys came on March 15 and another three came on March 18.

� On March 15, President and CEO Eric DeMarco added 27,786 shares at $4.50 per share for a total of $125,037. Director Jane Judd added 6,000 shares at $4.47 for a total amount of $26,820. President of the Electronic Products Division, Richard Poirier, added 5,000 shares at $4.47 for a total transaction amount of $22,350.

� On March 18, CEO and President Eric DeMarco added another 26,627 shares at $4.69 each costing him $124,881. The President of the KTTS Division Phillip Carrai bought 4,500 shares for $4.77 per share for a total amount of $21,465. The last insider buy came from CFO and Executive VP Deanna Lund. Lund bought 2,000 shares at $4.66 each costing her a total of $9,320.

This week the company announced the release of two new and updated products for the company.

Kratos Defense & Security Systems is a National Security technology business that provides products, services, and solutions for the United States National Security. Kratos is operated primarily on military bases.

Market Cap: 291.7 M P/E: 7.2 Shiller P/E: n/a
P/B: 0.7 P/S: 0.2 EV/EBITDA: 6.56
52 Week Low: 4.08 52 Week High: 6.22 Average Volume: 364,000

Gurus Chuck Royce (1,293,072 shares) and Jim Simons (37,177 shares) hold shares in Kratos.

With its shares up 1.14%, Kratos trades at $5.15.

For more information on insider trades at Kratos, click here.

5. Cincinnati Bell ( CBB )

This week Cincinnati Bell reported that its CEO bought 100,000 company shares.

On March 15 President and CEO, Theodore Torbek added 100,000 shares at $3.33 per share for a total of $333,000. Torbek now owns 1,287,628 share of CBB. Shares are currently close to a one-year low price of $3.01.

Cincinnati Bell is a regional provider of data and voice communications services and equipment over wireline and wireless networks. The company also provides business customers with outsourced data center operations including data center facilities.

Market Cap: 656.7 M P/E (ttm): 408.8 Shiller P/E: 15.7
P/B: n/a P/S: 0.5 EV/EBITDA: 6.94
52 Week Low: 2.84 52 Week High: 5.89 Average Volume: 7,204,000

Three gurus currently hold shares in CBB: Mario Gabelli (13,728,713 shares), Steven Cohen (23,849 shares) and Ted Weschler (16,594,500 shares).

With its shares up 1.53%, Cincinnati Bell trades at $3.32.

To see more insider trades at Cincinnati Bell, click here.

Notable Insider Sells

1. Trulia Inc. ( TRLA )

Trulia reported that seven corporate executives made insider sells this week. On March 20, seven executives sold 963,228 shares of Trulia. The shares traded at an average of $28.34 for a total of $27,297,881.

The CEO of Trulia, Peter Flint, sold 260,000 of his shares in the company and raked in a total of $7,368,400. He still holds on to 2,196,810 shares. Since his sell the price per share has gone up 9.88%.

Trulia provides a marketplace online in which consumers can research homes and neighborhoods. The company prides itself on being able to deliver the "inside scoop" on homes, neighborhoods, and real estate professionals through their website.

Market Cap: 861.1 M P/E: n/a Shiller P/E: n/a
P/B: 3.2 P/S: 5.7 EV/EBITDA: n/a
52 Week Low: 14.69 52 Week High: 38.22 Average Volume: 652,000

Guru Columbia Wanger holds 86,700 shares of Trulia.

With its shares down 1.08%, Trulia trades at $31.21.

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2. Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE)

Coca-Cola Enterprises reported that their Senior VP John Parker sold shares in the company. Parker sold 194,445 shares at $37 per share for a total of $7,194,465.

The price of CCE shares is currently at a 10-year high, breaking the previous high of $36.86.

Coca-Cola Enterprises markets, produces, and distributes beverage products of The Coca-Cola Company in authorized containers in specified territories. The company operates out of eight territories in Western Europe.

Market Cap: 10.3 B P/E: 16.02 Shiller P/E: 1217.1
P/B: 3.9 P/S: 1.377 EV/EBITDA: 10.84
52 Week Low: 26.05 52 Week High: 37.31 Average Volume: 2,700,000

There are currently six gurus that hold shares in CCE. For more information on these gurus and their shares, click here.

With its shares up 0.98%, Coca-Cola Enterprises trades at $37.24.

To see more insider trades at CCE, click here.

3. Proto Labs Inc. (PRLB)

On March 20, Proto Labs reported that their CEO and President Bradley Cleveland sold 500,000 shares. On March 15, COO Donald Krantz sold 29,818 shares.

� President and CEO Bradley Cleveland sold 500,000 shares at $45.87 per share. Cleveland made $22,934,999 from this trade. Cleveland still holds on to 465,182 shares of PRLB.

� COO Donald Krantz sold 29,818 shares for 46.96 per share. This transaction brought in $1,400,253 for Krantz. Krantz still holds 1,250 company shares.

Proto Labs is an online and technology-enabled manufacturer of custom parts for prototyping and short-run production. Proto Labs is the world's fastest source for custom CNC machined parts and injection molded parts.

Market Cap: 1.34 B P/E: 64.59 Shiller P/E: n/a
P/B: 8.06 P/S: 11.223 EV/EBITDA: n/a
52 Week Low: 24.90 52 Week High: 53.91 Average Volume: 543,000

Five gurus currently hold shares in Proto Labs. For information on these gurus and the shares they hold, click here.

With its shares down 0.34%, Proto Labs trades at $46.99.

To see more insider trades with Proto Labs, click here.

4. Northeast Utilities (NU)

Northeast Utilities reported that their President, CEO and Trustee Thomas May sold over 250,000 shares this week.

Thomas May sold 262,400 shares on March 20. Shares traded at $42.61 per share. May walked away with a total of $11,180,864 for this transaction. After this sell, May still holds on to 356,650 shares of NU.

Northeast Utilities offers franchised electric service to customers in 419 cities and towns in Connecticut, New Hampshire and western Massachusetts. Northeast Utilities runs three different subsidiaries: The Connecticut Light and Power Company, Public Service Company of New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts Electric Company.

Market Cap: 13.39 B P/E: 22.12 Shiller P/E: 20.94
P/B: 1.45 P/S: 1.887 EV/EBITDA: 11.89
52 Week Low: 34.84 52 Week High: 42.98 Average Volume: 1,333,000

Three gurus hold shares in NU: Pioneer Investments (563,705 shares), Mario Gabelli (918,422 shares) and Columbia Wanger (2,000,000 shares).

With its shares up 0.16%, Northeast Utilities trades at $42.66.

To see more insider trades for Northeast Utilities, click here.About GuruFocus: GuruFocus.com tracks the stocks picks and portfolio holdings of the world's best investors. This value investing site offers stock screeners and valuation tools. And publishes daily articles tracking the latest moves of the world's best investors. GuruFocus also provides promising stock ideas in 3 monthly newsletters sent to Premium Members .

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